November 2021 Tarotscopes

November 2021 Tarotscopes

This month treat everything that truly matters with the care it deserves. If there is one thing we’ve learned in the last 20 months, it is discernment. We have honed a keen eye for the most precious things and important actions. We have never better understood how fleeting life truly can be, how unpredictable this world is, and how and who to best spend our precious time with.

As we travel towards the Solstice (Summer or Winter depending on where you are on Earth), we take with us that which is the most precious to us—only the essentials. Whatever we have gathered along this past year, it’s time to pare it down. Remember what is essential, what you cannot, will not do without.

This discernment extends to how to collaborate with the Eclipses this month. If there are clear signs to stop doing certain things or to move towards others, take heed. If those you love are vulnerable enough to share certain messages with you, listen. If your spirits need attention, attend to them.

Be generous with the things that truly matter: your time, your gratitude, your energy, your baked goods, your advice, your compliments, and your love. The people, projects, dreams you nurture will grow. Make sure you have the resources to spare for them. Make intentional choices. Use discernment.

This month's Tarotscopes were written by folk herbalist, activist, and writer Milla Prince of The Woman Who Married A Bear and Fireweed & Nettle Herbals. They channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. If your Tarotscope doesn’t resonate now, you may want to go back at the mid-point or end of the month to re-read.

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended. 

Five of Wands

Aries, perhaps you’ve been feeling a little scrambled, a little all over the place. This month, don’t scatter your energies into the wind. Doing too many things at once—tending to too many pots on the stove, seeing too many visions, keeping up with many friendships, trying to be heard in many conversations—will keep you from focusing on what really is being said, and what is actually occurring right under your nose.

It’s time to mercilessly cull that which is cluttering and obscuring your true mission. You may not feel at home in the small stuff; pay attention to the nitty-gritty, but also take time to delve into the devil’s detail. Pay attention to who is saying what, what you have energy for, what feels right, as well as what seems reasonable and feasible.

When you choose the essentials, you’re not just casting aside other, enticing possibilities. Like a burgeoning crush, your idea/plan/project/dream are committing to each other. Commitment is a mutual agreement to see each other through, to dedicate energy to each other, maybe even be exclusive for a little while at least. If this idea/plan/project/dream is to grow, you owe it time, energy, and devotion. You owe this much to yourself.

This month, fall in love with your own creations.

Suggested spell ingredients: pinecones, acorns, gravel, the flower essence of Oak, cinnamon, burdock root, burning things and keeping the ashes, and bare feet on the ground.

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The Hermit

Let rest be your superpower this month, because it is. In a world filled with hustle and bustle culture, be the still point. When you’re at home in your physical being, part of your practice is to make space for rest. And rest isn’t just physical. Sleep, relaxation, and ease are important in the body, yes, but so is space for your mind. Take a respite from dialogue, a respite from opinions, from demands, emotional labor, and stimulation.

Clear out the space behind your eyes and let in the darkness. There are things you can glean from a candle’s flicker in the dark.

Being a hermit, or embodying The Hermit archetype, doesn’t simply mean being alone for all time, or even for this moment. What it means is considering your own space, thoughts, and needs first. What it means is limiting inputs. What it means is closing your eyes to see what appears when you shut the rest of the world out for a moment. What it means is taking time to look within. As needed, without judgment.

Embodying The Hermit can look like a long walk, a journaling session, a cup of tea, a nap, a pause: restorative moments to reorient around your own body, mind, and spirit.

Make time to spend with yourself.

Suggested spell ingredients: Lavender, Catnip, Chamomile, Ginkgo, making a rosary out of red berries (Rose Hips, Rowan berries, Hawthorn haws), a blanket fort, star gazing, and listening to the wind.

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Six of Swords

That battle you’ve been waging? Maybe, if you laid down your arms you might notice that it’s actually been over for a moment. Cast aside your shield, your sword, your old defenses, and other rusty fighting tools. It is time to move on. Maybe you still feel a little uneasy, weary, or unsteady, but once you leave this place, the healing can begin.

Sometimes it takes time to realize that we can actually shift what has felt like a permanent state of affairs for so very long. When we look up, suddenly the horizon will seem clearer, the autumn sun welcoming us to dream something different altogether. When we let go of old patterns, new shapes emerge, as suddenly as if they have always been there.

Whatever has been feeling cumbersome, stagnant, or heavy: say goodbye to it this month. Assess your damage: how can you begin mending the deepest cuts? Lick your wounds if you need to, then take the necessary steps to travel on.

You are on your way to a brighter future just beyond the horizon. The best days are yet to come.

Suggested spell ingredients: Rose petals, Mint, watching the sunrise, drinking dew from a leaf, light and warm clothes like silk or cashmere or soft wool, shaking off unnecessary emotions and sensations, and moving your blood about. 

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The Lovers

Kinship, friendship, comradeship, loveship, fuckship…you would get The Lovers, wouldn’t you? You who live for connections. You who put such energy into your relationships, whether they be a circle of 2 or 20.

If these plague years have shown us anything, it is who shows up at our doors with treats and medicine, who is (with consent) in our DMs with the memes they know will make us laugh, who is checking in on us and sending care packages, who call us for no reason and sings into our voicemails, who is in our energetic fields. Often it’s you, isn’t it?

The appearance of The Lovers for you this month is a reminder of how connections go both ways: make sure your exchanges are reciprocal. It can be tempting to give and give, but it is equally important to receive. The Lovers remind us of the importance of open channels and the clear communication of needs, wants, fears, desires, and dreams. To share is to build intimacy on all levels.

Share yourself only with those who are willing to share themselves with you.

Suggested spell ingredients: spice coffee cake or gingerbread, embracing the Self with hugs and mirror magic, writing letters, a thermos full of spicy tea shared, oiling hands and feet, and Rose honey or sugar.

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Knight of Pentacles

This may not be what you’d like to hear, but it may still be what you need. Buckle down on whatever that thing is you’ve been wanting to achieve for so long. It’s been elusive because so have you. Turns out it has not yet come because you haven’t been ardent enough in courting it. Get serious.

You are to gather your tools, assess the appropriate skills, cast aside distractions and frivolity, and set to work. This thing you want deserves serious consideration. It deserves your attention and the skills you have been building. Steady work, not grand and glamorous gestures or easy shortcuts, is what will bring you to and it to you.

It can be easy to get stuck in the idea or dream stage of something this important. When it doesn’t exist in the material world yet, is when it is at its most perfect. But if you’d like it to become a reality you have to start by creating space for it, a proper habitat. Invite it to come out of your head and into the world.

Build a home for whatever you’re ready to call in.

Suggested spell ingredients: Sage, Rosemary, keeping seeds in your pockets or carrying around bulbs as talismans, finding a good stick, whittling shapes if you have a knife, bringing in windfall conifer boughs, and bowls of oatmeal.

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Queen of Swords

You are in your element this month, sweet Virgo: your talents are being called to hone in on what is most needed in your world. The practical part of you that marries theory with praxis, that makes order out the chaos of our physical reality so that we may create something that lasts— that who draws clear boundaries and invites loved ones inside their protective circles—that you has some serious work to do.

Here you will lead with your head first. Your directives will be clear, your mission well thought out. You will choose your accomplishes with care. What you are working on is building something collective, something requiring not just your own efforts, but your ability to help others, to build community, and to create connections. Whether your team is just a handful of folx or a whole department of people, you will be able to translate your vision in a way that invites others to lend a hand.

You will move mountains this month with careful planning, collaboration, and cooperation. Not just because the mountains need to be moved, but because the act of moving them is a step closer to the collective future you are building for you and yours. This is you testing out something that will continue to grow and be a part of how you operate in the world.

Rearranging mountain ranges is just what you do.

Suggested spell ingredients: Ginger, black tea, chocolate, citrus, to-do lists, excel charts, calling people just to say hi, and keeping a few nails in your pocket or some other relevant tool and a folded piece of paper with your goal written on it or a symbol for your goal.

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Queen of Cups

What is love? How you answer that question depends on a whole universe of context. You get to define “love” for yourself, in all of your various actions, associations, and experiences. And then, you get to practice it.

This month, you are called towards deeper practices of love. To feel it deeply yes, but offer it up as a gift that doesn’t diminish by being shared. In the English language, love is the only emotion you can make, and yet it does not only exist between lovers. Love is a whole language and you are being asked to speak it. It may not come naturally to say these things aloud, especially due to some past events, but that’s what is being asked of you in this moment.

What vocabulary you use is up to you. Maybe your love language is listening or cooking, maybe it’s helping others build or building up their confidence, or maybe it’s making them laugh or letting them cry on your shoulder. However your love is expressed, make sure it is felt and understood by those you care for. Love after all is not obtuse, it is not meant to be kept secret, or doled out sparingly. You can’t love too much, only too little.

It is not enough just to feel it: love like any living thing needs to be free, to grow, and to breathe. To be loved is to love. To love is to be loved.

Suggested spell ingredients: Hawthorn berry tea, Lemon balm, baths and being in water, holding hands, writing down nice things to remember to say to people, care packages and flowers, inside jokes, sharing playlists, and personalized recommendations.

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Knight of Wands

When was the last time you truly lost yourself in something you were passionate about?

The Wands are a suit of inspirations. They are what lights us up, what gets us out of bed, what we fall in love with over and over again. They are the fire in our hearts, the magic we create. This month indulge yours with single-minded, obsessive fervor. Throw yourself into that which turns you on, makes you tick, what drives you. Whether it’s a tangible goal, a methodology, or a sustained practice, give it your all this month.

Let your creativity feed you by feeding it. No matter what you pursue you are creating something, making something tangible from your mind, letting your spirit step forth into the physical realm. Often we associate creativity with “the arts” but truly all pursuits are creations, especially the ones you pursue. Whether it’s a painting mural, practicing law, or your squash game, all of your passions are creative pursuits. And what defines you but your passion? Give yourself over to it as only you know how.

Lose yourself, so that you can find yourself again and again.

Suggested spell ingredients: Aniseed, Turmeric, Cardamom and honey (why not combine all three to make a spicy golden milk tea?), nature walks, late nights or early mornings, journaling or sketching, visioning, imagining, and fantasizing.

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The Emperor

You’re a seeker, yet this month is asking you to hold still. Your rowing eye, wandering mind, and restless bones need a minute to assess the permanent structures of your life. The Emperor is a messenger of stability, long-term plans, and discipline. If those don’t seem like appealing concepts, think of them instead as frameworks and foundations for a new way of engaging with the things that do excite you. Sometimes we need to integrate elements that aren’t intrinsic into our lives. If you define yourself by your love of adventure—the constant call of freedom, excitement, inspiration ringing in your ear—remember that there is also an element of those things in exploring new ways of being.

If you heed The Emperor’s call this month, you may discover that the things that appear the most foreign to you at first may be a homecoming after all. You may find that building a solid foundation, or creating a long-term plan, may afford you more of what you actually want: a solid vision for more freedom, a structure that affords more flexibility. Even if you fear being trapped, or making the wrong decisions, know that as long as there’s some excitement around the bend, you can’t go wrong.

You are the one taking your next steps and that makes them your own path. Feel free to make unpredictable choices.

Suggested spell ingredients: Conifer needle tea, tree medicine (hugging trees/sitting under trees/walking among trees), breathing deeply, waking up early to organize your day, making plans for the long and short term, drinking water, eating roots, and finding the right stone to keep in your pocket.

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Queen of Pentacles

You can’t spell “hearth” without “earth” and yours is the realm of all earthy things. The magical in the practical is where you live, when you’re in balance. Whether that is baking bread, designing buildings, or admiring river rocks, your finest hours are spent among the tangible elements of the world and sharing them with your loved ones.

In this month when half of the globe is cozying up in their winter nests and the other half is basking in the spring sun (and our friends close to the equator hold steady the balance), it is easy to be embodied in the here and now. Lean into that strength, and lend some of it to your nearest and dearest.

This month, gather those who matter close and nurture them in the way that only you can. Make things, tend to your physical body, tend to your house and home, eat well, stay warm. In short, embrace the joy of being embodied. These are things that you thrive on, yet often neglect. If you consider them an act of service to others, you should honor yourself the same way. When you are in your body, you are most yourself and are most able to share your light, your warmth, and uniquely nourishing ways.

Heart of your hearth, you are.

Suggested spell ingredients: Garlic gloves dipped in honey, an orange stuck with cloves to keep on your desk, Rosewater, tending a fire, gazing into a candle, drinking warm water, footbaths, baking, whispering kind things under your breath, and heavy wool clothes.

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The Fool

It’s not easy for you to know nothing, is it? To be an absolute beginner? You who secretly wish you had everything already figured out, the whole Universe mapped and all the stars charted.

Star child, get ready because this month you’re just going to have to give into the unknown, by admitting you know nothing about where you feel called to go next. You’re going to have to fumble through the hedges and feel your way through the brambles. You’re going to have to trust your considerable intuition, instead of those reliable best-laid plans.

You, who tend to live in the future, the ether, are going to have to accept that being here on Earth amongst the rest of us, sometimes requires a certain amount of guilelessness. Not knowing how things will end up, not having a clear plan or agenda, is an exercise in trust. Drop the plans and the schemes, and practice being inflow.

If you leave nothing to chance you will end up constricting your heart as well. And that’s not what the heart wants. It’s not what the heart is for. The heart wants to feel.

Better after all to know nothing than to feel nothing.

Suggested spell ingredients: Calendula, Peach leaf tea, Pomegranates, fool’s gold or micah for your pocket, sparkles for your cheekbone or brow, idle time, reading fairytales out loud, trying something new you’re bad at, and going to a body of water to recharge.

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Two of Wands

Sometimes, in the most magical times, your head and your heart line up just right and point the way to something truly great. This month, you may find yourself at a fork in the road, making plans for something new and exciting. What sets your water-y heart afire? What entices your intellect? What grounds your plans?

Trust that you have the tools to make this choice. Trust the weight of your dreams. Give credence to the choices you’ve made before. All the forks in all of the roads you’ve traveled, all the paths taken that has led you here, have been choices you’ve made that have all worked out.

You are not to blame for the terrible things that may have happened. You do not control the choices of the world, of your fellow beings. You do not control random accidents or bad luck. But in your tender heart, you know what choices will lead you to the place that lights your fire. That spark is your guide, that coal gleaming brightly is yours to blow life into, to feed tender morsels of twigs and dry moss. In exchange it will feed you, warm you, and lead you to a bright future.

The fire in your heart will light the way.

Suggested spell ingredients: Rosehip tea, toast with berry jam, burning Mugwort or Garden Sage, keeping a lighter or matches in your pocket, writing an ode to your good choices, learning fire by friction, and writing lists and drawing visions in charcoal.

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