October 2021 Tarotscopes

October 2021 Tarotscopes

October is a bridge month. The energy of descent is amplified for us in the Northern Hemisphere. We are moving from one realm to another. October is also popularly known as the Season of the Witch. The time of year that syncs up with the Waning/Dark Moon, it supports all kinds of magic.

Timeline healing is powerful at this time of year: going back into the past and clearing is supported. Themes of the month are naming, defining and exploring our magic, embodiment of our power and spirituality, healing trauma, protection, death, spirit dialogues, inventories, underworld descent, holographic time, timeline healing, subconscious call and response.

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The Tarotscopes below were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. If your Tarotscope doesn’t resonate now, you may want to go back at the mid-point or end of the month to re-read.

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.


The Lovers

Rumi famously wrote, "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it, and embrace them." This is a worthy quest for the tenth month of the year. When most people think of love they immediately think of others, but it is your relationship with yourself that needs expansion. The love is already there, waiting patiently on the other side of a closed door. Open up. 

It is now, in the magical month of October, that you get to define lovability and worth on your own terms. Hold space for the grief that will inevitably well up once some of those love barriers are witnessed. Listen to what the rage communicates. Flirt with yourself. Enjoy your own body and relish in the results of embodying pleasure. Expanded time, expanded energy, and expanded choices are all available as the nights lengthen.

It’s ok to voice discontent out loud and to be clear about what you are no longer willing to accept. It’s ok to want and need more, or different. It’s also ok to not quite know what you want or need just yet. How can you describe the terrain of somewhere you haven’t yet been? Memorize what self-enchantment feels like, and let anything less fall away like dead leaves.

Suggested spell ingredients: Mirror Love Spells, snake jewelry, apples cut horizontally, rose quartz infused water, Rumi poems read out loud to yourself before bed, and "Funnel of Love” on repeat.

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Knight of Wands

What awaits you in October depends on how far you are willing to get out of that comfy comfort zone of yours. Shake things up as much as possible. Make sure you can chew whatever it is you decide to bite off—and more importantly, make sure it’s delicious. When was the last time you seduced yourself in the shower? How about turning a mundane errand into a scavenger hunt for subconscious symbolism? Spruce up the everyday scenes of your existence. 

There are three traps that could ensnare you this month. The first is overconfidence: don’t underestimate how easy or simple certain undertakings will be. The second is misreading and misusing energy: confusing sex for love, projecting your insecurities onto another, or getting salty instead of compromising. The third is mistaking trash for treasure: something—or someone—that appears dreamy at first could end up being a nightmare. Ask all the right questions, consult experts, get all agreements in writing, and don’t hesitate to turn down proposals that seem too good to be true. Be mindful this month, and you’ll be in for smooth sailing.

Sensuality, beauty, and creativity are important values of yours. They make you feel alive, so prioritize them. Protect the spark of your inspiration long enough for it to blossom into a strong flame.

Suggested spell ingredients: fresh eucalyptus in the shower, bonfires with friends, flirty texts, orange candles, a new bottle of lube, and "Nothing Compares 2 U" on repeat.

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Ace of Cups

October is a month for heart openings, beauty, and deeper intimacies. At the beginning of the month, focus attention on cleansing, clearing, and decorating your surroundings. Get creative projects or hobbies off the ground. Treat your body as an altar: make adornments meaningful and invest in exercise, stretching, massage, or dance. Your outer world must reflect what your inner world wants to see and feel.

All month long, you’ll be opening up to, and honoring, your emotions and needs. Our relationship with ourselves is the training ground for how well we can hold space for others. Compassionate detachment is one of the hardest heart projects to do, possibly because it is one of the more important practices for healthy relationships. When we truly allow others to have their own experiences, we affirm that we have the space to do the same. Meeting the needs of others even when they are vastly different than our own reminds us that our own needs are valid when it’s time to ask for them. Practice compassionate detachment with the ebbs and flows of your emotional tides.

Remember, Sweet Gem: boundaries can be triggers, and triggers can take you out of the heart space and into defense mode. Don’t let a herstory of less-than-trustworthy intimate connections predict the future. You aren’t in the past anymore: you have the power to get your emotional needs met. Let those who love you inside of the beautiful world you’ve created.

Suggested spell ingredients: symbolic art, toys for your inner child, rose quartz, bedroom dancing, and "Call Your Name" on repeat. 

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Ace of Pentacles, Reversed

The Universe/your intuition/your wise self has been giving you instructions for quite a while that it’s time for a profound change. This knowledge creates resistance, which creates stagnancy, which creates shame. Sprinkle in some doubt and fear, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a stand-off between the present and future. Take a deep breath. Luckily, there’s a self-punishment ceasefire happening this month.

So much changes when witches use the power of decision magic. Part of what will bring you relief is accepting that you are not supposed to know what is going to happen. This isn’t about the external right now: this is about recalibrating fundamental ways of being in the world—about setting up the structures of support you need, within and outside of yourself. It is about cultivating practices of self-respect and bravery. About being courageous enough to claim more. About letting yourself feel safe enough to embody everything you believe, and everything you want. 

And, a lot of this time—from now until late March of next year—is about getting practical. What needs to change in your behavior? What are the roots of your habits? How must you treat your body, your magic, and your time? Make the choices that reflect your truth: you are more than capable, more than worthy, and more than ready to receive. Plant seeds this month that will bloom from the inside, out.

Suggested spell ingredients: seeds, malachite, rooibos tea, the Pomodoro technique, and "Chant to Mother Earth" on repeat. 

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King of Cups

Leo, October is a month for you to examine where you are outsourcing your authority, intuition, and emotions. Once in a while, self-reflection can help us understand what we are avoiding because it stirs up some deep questions about identity and childhood wounds. You don’t have to perform in order to make people love you, Sweet One. Sacrificing your needs and ideals to keep the peace is soooo 2019, don’t you think? Examine the stories you’ve told yourself about unconditional love and what someone must do to belong to themselves, above all else. Intuition is often about the decisions we make when we feel safe, secure, and autonomous. What do you need to get there more often? 

This month, if someone needs an urgent answer or response—or needs the scales to be tipped in their favor in situations pertaining to power dynamics or emotional labor—that’s most likely a red flag. If you are the one pressuring others or needing a certain, specific outcome on a particular timeline, check yourself. Are you asking others for things that you could not give?

All in all, this is a month to regenerate your interior landscapes. Begin the process through small actions: journal instead of phoning a friend, take a long walk to be in dialogue with your own thoughts instead of scouring the internet, unplug from the perceptions and advice of others. Practice what it feels like to make choices from the heart that fill your cup, first.

Suggested spell ingredients: an altar to past, present, and future self, salt baths, sea glass, poetry, and "Wild Fires" on repeat.

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2 of Pentacles

Dear Virgo, this is the second month in a row that you’ve received the 2 of Pentacles! First, go back and read last month’s Tarotscopes. This is a cue to stay in the energy of this Tarot card for longer, especially if you haven’t yet stepped into its nudges from last month. The 2 of Pentacles is about flow, embracing a both/and practice, juggling, and making magic through the mundane. New ways are created by walking them. A new paradigm is opened up by creating it. Keep going.

Another message of receiving this card twice in a row is about feeling secure enough to allow, and receive. You’ve been juggling a lot for a long time. Control can be a trauma response: do you really have to do it all yourself, by yourself? More material and responsibilities have arrived, or are on their way. There’s some aspect of yourself that needs restoration, so instead of clenching more tightly, make more space. Connect to the energy of abundance and rootedness; of being enough and having enough. Start simple, and go slow.

Your reactions, coping mechanisms, and habits must all be addressed, and that means adaptation and flexibility. Bend, don’t break. Welcome in different opportunities by taking balancing actions. 

Suggested spell ingredients: hourglasses, bumblebee jasper, bibliomancy from Parable of the Sower or Braiding Sweetgrass, and "Redder Than The Moon" on repeat. 

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Page of Swords

Weigh the consequences of your actions this month against your deep-rooted values. We are all trained to get snagged by superficiality: optics, likability, and survival in the shortest term may have influenced your behavior more than you’d like to admit. This is the month to drop the facades and get real about what is most important to you, now. Your magic is most potent when it is channeling your most lofty ideals. Think sustainability, long-term creations, and rebirth. Channel from the depths in order to break new ground.

More than one situation or interaction in October will require more information. Take deep breaths, ask more questions than you feel comfortable with, and gather more research. Do not accept the first bid, diagnosis, or impulse.

This month you’ll finally feel more capable of creating new beginnings. The sooner you gain clarity around what your latest healing mission is, the easier it will be to make decisions. Curl up at the feet of the friendly Universe, and be its most intrepid student.

Suggested spell ingredients: juniper oil, foreign language romance films, angel aura quartz, trance work, and "Magic" on repeat. 

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7 of Cups

There’s nothing wrong with a little high fantasy from time to time. In fact, there’s no time like your forthcoming season to sink into unknown glimmers of delight. You’re at a certain place in your life—particularly with regards to heart healing, and your deepest emotional needs—where there are no concrete answers yet. Part of being on the path is getting off of it once in a while. October is a month to wander.

Can you accept that murky yet important space between the different stages of healing? This is the process of integration: you don’t need to know what’s next, but you do have to be open to receiving the gifts of your hard work. Let yourself drift into daydreams and reconnect to grandiose plans. Vision so hard your heart begins to beat in tandem with the rays of a new dawn.

The only issues to watch out for this month are making promises you can’t keep, and conveniently ignoring some painful truths. There’s what you want to hear and what you need to hear: be sure to know what your motivations are. In between the delicious reveries of future dreaming, prioritize discernment and the important tasks that keep the lights on, your body nourished, your people feeling loved, and your soul fed.

Suggested spell ingredients: dried leaves gathered on forest walks, dark red roses, black silk, lavender salt baths, poetry writing in a dark room surrounded by black and red candles, and “Wind on Tin” on repeat. 

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The Sun

The time before your birthday month always comes with confrontations. It’s a time when you are in deep contemplation about all that has transpired during the previous, intense year. It’s a moment to make sense of the larger patterns and themes of your year and to make peace. This past year, you’ve shared your truths and gifts more than ever before, and you could still be in an adjustment period after so much change. 

You’ve grown in measurable and immeasurable ways: you’ve spoken up when it was uncomfortable, felt ecstatic without guilt, and focused on the activities you enjoy and are talented at. You’ve been generous when it hasn’t been noticed or appreciated, and explored places that would frighten others. The breakthroughs will keep coming this month: celebrate them as they surface.

October is all about the lessons learned through contrast: grief deepens happiness, rage highlights gratitude. When we examine certain material in a different light, we find answers and acceptance. Remember, everything you touch is transformed. Expect all excavation processes to be rewarded. Your life is meant to be an experience of uncovering light, and light doesn’t equal soothing. Often, illuminations glint like a sword cutting through illusion. Your intuition isn’t asking you to travel anywhere other than where you most need to go.

Suggested spell ingredients: sunlight, spells carved on pumpkins, yellow candles, gold jewelry worn as talismans and “October Sky” on repeat.

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4 of Pentacles

October is all about conservation. You must consider your energy, time, investments, and finances. The kind of work you do, and who you do it for, needs to be considered through both the macro and micro. It’s the tiniest moments of time—the decisions made in a split second—that end up leaving you exhausted and scrambling through the big picture. Boundaries aren’t only an idea, babe. Boundaries are a lifestyle. They begin with yourself.

Stop letting others steal your time. Stop wasting your own. Your most precious resources must be treated as such. You are meant to blow minds, not burn out. Busy-ness may quell your existential dread, massage your ego momentarily, and yes, even help you make bank. However, the contortion this requires forces you into uncomfortable positions that frequently make you feel “behind” and inauthentic. It’s time to detach from the programming that busy equals worthy.

This is the month to pause and step back from your life long enough to reconfigure a few routines and behaviors. You are here to create legacies, change lives, inspire, heal, have fun, and experience true love. Write out all the most important things you came here to do, and cast your spells accordingly.

Suggested spell ingredients: Intrinsic Boundaries, burdock root tonic, myofascial release, a new accountability journal, and “It Ain’t Me Babe” on repeat.


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4 of Wands

All month long, you will be sifting through shoulds, coulds, and woulds. What parts of your life are automatic, on repeat, simply because somewhere along the line you decided they “should” be? Where are the “coulds” drowning out the actual actions you are ready to take? And, what would happen if you cleared out the distractions, centered your will, and made some particular preparations towards a more sustainable life/work balance? 

Community and friendship are also prominent themes of October for you. It is important to have folks in your corner that you trust and can count on. Social media can sometimes trick us into thinking that a parasocial relationship is a true blue one. Get off corporate-controlled screens and connect in person. Write postcards and letters to those who had your back through the hard moments. Seek out chances to connect with new folks, especially ones who share values, causes, or similar creative aspirations. Talking openly with a confidant or mentor about detangling your “shoulds”, “coulds”, and “woulds" will clarify what is ready to be cultivated, and what is just self-doubt.

Creating containers around that which spark intimacy and creativity is one part of a larger, spiritual process you’ve been going through since June’s Eclipse season. Call it a life renovation, call it a soul renaissance: but whatever you do, don’t forget about embodying a different paradigm in the magical month of October.

Suggested spell ingredients: orange candles dressed with orange and jasmine oil, desert rose crystals, outdoor altars, a coven gathering and/or ritual, and “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” on repeat.


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The Fool, Reversed

Selfless action is the theme to meditate on through all of October. You, more than most, Sacred Dreamer, know so intimately about how we are all connected. It’s a paradox that we become wise though taking actions never taken before. It is through risk that we eventually find security: when one takes a risk from a pure heart, a ripple of collective healing begins.

You’ve been holding back on beginning one or more projects, perhaps because of timing, perhaps because of the large scale of them, or perhaps because you don’t quite believe you are prepared…or even the one to do it. And yet, you must lead by example: by taking selfless action, in time, you will become a resource for others. You will be the one clearing away others’ self-doubt. You will be the one showing others how to be creative with little time, resources, or faith. The one becomes anyone. 

Rebellious energy is often characterized as reckless, but your spiritual awakening can’t be limited by the status quo. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or putting others in danger, take a chance—or ten! This month, going against the status quo will pay off massively. It’s time to break out of the boxes you’ve put yourself in. Limits are a construct of a jaded imagination. Tune back into your intuition and focus on a fantastically unknown future, not a familiar one. Take the leap.

Suggested spell ingredients: clear quartz under your pillow, centering meditations, videos of the bottom of the sea and the outer ranges of the universe, rosewater foot baths, and “Don’t Run Into The Dark So Quick” on repeat.

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