Seasonal Resolutions

Seasonal Resolutions
I want to share my practice of working with seasonal resolutions, I began working with this concept a couple of years ago. Seasonal resolutions are a set of goals, living containers, or experiments for a set of time—not a New Years resolution, which can feel daunting and hard to choose. Seasonal resolutions are a way of living with how the themes of the season are showing up in our own worlds. They help my body, mind, and spirit to focus on what I need now.

This year, I actually withheld committing to any resolutions in January. 2019, quite frankly, left me leveled, and with a lot of lingering things and energies to take care of. While re-centering and wrapping up loose ends, I stayed aware of what my impulses were showing me. I thought about what I needed in order to create structure, and to plant new seeds. Now, in the Waxing Moon phase of the second lunation of 2020, I feel ready to begin.

This time around, I am centering my season—from now until the New Moon that is right after the Spring Equinox—around the themes of waking up, structures, and movement.

Some of my seasonal resolutions are: daily routines for health *** getting up earlier *** eating seasonally *** quiet time and rest in order to welcome in Spirit *** meeting my studio/business goals

I am also choosing to work with the element of Fire.

For those of you who took my Elemental Intuition class, you know that the element of Fire is the one I feel most disconnected from. This is what I am starting my year committing to: unpacking why I have resistance to joy, to shining, to free, uninhibited movement...and then incorporating those into my life. Some of the resolutions/activities I'll be doing that are associated with Fire are:

candle work everyday *** fire cider *** trying boxing & exploring types of movement *** identifying, channelling, and protecting my inner flame *** prioritizing warmth of all kinds *** more joy *** red, orange, yellow *** incorporating improvisation & surprise into the everyday

There's more, but you get the idea! If you feel called, set a few seasonal resolutions to keep you buoyed, intrigued, and engaged until the Equinox. Ask yourself the following questions to help set your resolutions:

What are you interested in focusing on?

What are you ready to call forth?

What are you ready to commit to?

Are there new activities you want to try, or new things you want to learn?

Are there any elements, deities, planets, Tarot archetypes, or other correspondences you wish to incorporate into your living experiment?