September 2021 Tarotscopes

This month, keep it simple. Anything complicated like plans, pitches, and processes that do not absolutely be entered into right now can wait. The minute you start to add more to your plate, pause. Focus on what you need to do most. Don’t forget, actions around your biggest dreams count here! Focus on wrapping up anything that has been left over from this intense summer. If there are still things you need to prepare for, which was the theme for August, keep getting those in order. Make a “life” to-do list, then each day, or every few days, check one item off your list. This is also an excellent time to create a daily spiritual practice, switch up your daily practice, or to carve out some time where you “check-in” with yourself, and energy. Make calibration conscious and easy.

Keep it simple: communications, processes, spells. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Don’t tell someone something you don’t mean. Keep it a strong “yes”, “no”, or “will return to this at a later date.”

This message of the month is from the September Monthly Guide. If you’d like to read more, download the Guide here.

The Tarotscopes below were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. People will read the sign of their stellium. You can also read for the planet you are working on and communion with, by way of reading the sign they correlate with: for example, Venus would be Taurus and/or Libra, Mars would be Aries and/or Scorpio. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. If your Tarotscope doesn’t resonate now, you may want to go back at the mid-point or end of the month to re-read.

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

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Knight of Swords

“Single-mindedness” and “focus” are your words for the month. This summer left you a bit scattered, understandably so. In 2021 there have never been more distractions, most of them very real and serious. That’s why cutting back on the distractions that you can—you know, the ones that you create in your own mind—is of utmost importance. Drown out the noise: take morning walks, prioritize your meditation and journal practices, and stay away from people, places, and activities that throw you off course.

When you resolve to make strides around one theme or topic, mountains move quickly. Whether you are changing a limiting belief, undergoing a Marie Kondo process on your home, or recommitting to a lapsed goal: make movement front of mind. Anything that doesn’t move the needle forward for you, or gets in the way of this progress, receives the no, thank you response. This doesn’t have to feel rigid or heavy, either: find ways to keep a light tone. The elements that correspond to Knight of Swords are double air: the energy of clarity and adaptability. Communication will improve as you hone into your intuition: she’s got a lot to say.

Once you’ve realigned the mind and gotten a couple of important lingering projects off your plate, an entirely new perspective will be available. By the month’s Full Moon, a lot will feel smoother. Once you understand that reality can be an experiment, reality opens up.

Suggested spell ingredients: bright blue candles by the bedside, butterfly migration images and videos, Pomodoro-method timers, fluorite, and no, thank you’s until they become second nature.

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Death isn’t the opposite of life. Death is a part of life. Life feeds upon death: renewal follows deterioration. Just as we consume other forms of life to survive, we must consume old versions of ourselves in order to thrive. This month, you’ll be faced with a necessary ego or identity death. If you want to eventually live the kind of life that consists of much long-desired creativity and freedom, goodbyes must be made to some dead ends.

What is the opposite of life? It isn’t death, it is preservation. For the past few years, the conflation of self-preservation and stasis with sameness and security has influenced your creative, relationship, and career decisions. You might have put off moves, metaphoric and literal, in order to stay comfortable. That’s completely understandable for these times. Remember that no matter what, one of your superpowers is the ability to land on your feet. You’ll always have options: this moment is asking you to construct different ones.

You are in a place that is difficult. It isn’t easy for things to be objectively good, even great, in one’s life, and then decide to begin again in a fundamental way. Honor the grief. Break habits, dependencies, and patterns tied to the Old You. Follow the breadcrumbs Future You is leaving by paying attention to synchronicities and intuitive hints. All the information you need waits inside the process of letting go.

Suggested spell ingredients: kunzite, black nail polish, weekly trips to the Goodwill, the Modern Women September playlist, and the poetry of Victoria Chang.

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King of Pentacles

Stability doesn’t mean boredom, Gemini, though that’s sometimes the story you subscribe to. You may be feeling the tension between one desire for systems and processes, and a need for growth, change, and unconfined freedom. Your heart yearns to run wild. The irony is that over time, stability and security can create freedom— so long as you don’t get completely locked in. Repeat this as often as you need to in September: “Stability is sexy.”

Create systems that help your days run smoothly and that ultimately result in more space, time, and energy: that’s freedom. There are some fears to address around becoming more abundant, as well. Having more does not mean that more will be taken away. If your idea of success has gotten associated with loss, it is now time to rewrite that story. There’s a lot of potential this month, and all autumn, for you to make space for abundance on a different level.

Sometimes, you feel ambivalent around claiming what you want dollar-wise, around honoring your worth. Capitalism—and family background— will do that to a Gem. Whether or not you are employed right now, look at scarcity issues that affect your relationships, behaviors, and how you treat yourself. Scarcity is a perspective; choose a better view. What do you possess that can never be taken? Those are the riches to celebrate and hold sacred.

Suggested spell ingredients: donations made to your local Indigenous land stewardship organization, such as the Sogorea Te' Land Trust, meditations on the element of earth and the color green, doublethink theory, and a cup of St. John’s Wort tea instead of your second cup of coffee each morning this week.

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King of Wands

First and foremost, September needs to be an energetic reset. If your days have felt more like an obligation to get through than an enjoyable dance, it’s time to revive them. Schedule in fun. Start your mornings with pleasure and end your evenings with delight.

Additionally, this is a month to come home to your core needs. Be selfish. The thing is, you don’t really allow yourself to be completely self-centered, not in a way that prioritizes your deepest dreams, joy, and heart. Most decisions you make are done so with an awareness of how your actions affect others, and with the voices of others in your head. This is a way of living that is respectful, full of care, and aware of the interconnectivity of all, to be sure. It’s a beautiful, compassionate way to operate. But it can also be codependent, cause resentment, and cut you off from important experiences that aid growth. Don’t deny what you need on a spiritual level. Put yourself first.

The larger healing opportunity here is around belonging. What does it mean to belong completely to yourself? What would it look like to let your singular inspirations and visions lead the way? In time, implementing the answers to these questions are how you will attract all the right people and opportunities. Do you, let others catch up. Energetic sovereignty is both a practice and an answer.

Suggested spell ingredients: bloodstone, bonfires, spontaneous dance parties, and edible gold flakes sprinkled on your favorite dessert.

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The Devil

Hard work means nothing if the fruits of your labor can’t be enjoyed. It might even mean nothing if you can’t enjoy it in the moment, at least some of the time. Turn down the hustle in order to pause, take a breath, and enjoy. This is an opportunity to examine your relationship to work in general. Do you need to reconfigure certain relationships, like with your boss, clients, or coworkers? At the end of the day, no matter who you work for, or why you work, you are your own boss. If you’ve been a cruel taskmaster, it’s time to examine these tendencies in order to shift into a softer space altogether.

Autumn ushers in a different era for you, Lovely Leo—you can probably feel it bubbling up already. Before shifting gears, relish in all you’ve accomplished and created. A lot of beautiful projects and relationships have been born out of your will, commitment, and work ethic. As always, you made a lot out of a little. You conjured some bonafide magic tricks out of thin air. Some of them cost you a little too much, though. That doesn’t have to happen anymore.

The key is to examine what underlying attachments to performance and appearance keep you overworked, or in situations devoid of pleasure. Once that’s clear, the remedy will appear.

Suggested spell ingredients: bee pollen, How to Not Always Be Working by Marlee Grace, lepidolite, rope tying, and sex magic.

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2 of Pentacles

All month long you might be feeling like you wish you had a body-double: someone else to be in more places, someone else to deal with all the BS, someone else to launch those huge ideas percolating out into the Universe. You’ll be toggling back and forth between routine and excitement, preparation and improvisation. Put patience in your back pocket as you juggle the present and future equally. A project that has long been waiting in the wings needs to get underway: it is time to begin. Before anything is set in stone, explore, research, and collect. Stop rushing towards expectations disguised as destinations. Here and now is the destination. Minute by minute, over and over, you live it into being.

This month, let life feel messier momentarily so that in the long run, the days will run more smoothly. Open your hands wider to catch any and all possibilities that spark when your relationship to time is reconfigured. Allow your gorgeous, freaky self to be seen by more people, in order to be accepted in your wholeness. 

Things are fine as they are right now; there could be the tendency to stay put. But if you allow for a few months of being in process this autumn, your world will become much more technicolor by late spring. It’s your season: act like it.

Suggested spell ingredients: hourglasses, karaoke and other opportunities to use your voice, bumblebee jasper, squirrel animal guides, bibliomancy from Parable of the Sower or Braiding Sweetgrass, and recordings of tectonic plates shifting.

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8 of Cups

Virgo season, as well as the beginning of your season, holds a somber tone. All summer you’ve been focused on some part of your life that has grown mold. A sunk cost fallacy has been in a tug of war with your soul. Now, you’ve finally dropped the rope, thank Goddess!

Do not let the grief of whatever you are letting go of overshadow all the beauty that it was, the beauty that taught you important lessons. Celebrate the fact that you gave it your all. Spend an evening recounting all you did, all you created, all who were helped, all you learned from this process. Acknowledge how much this difficult choice reflects how much you love yourself. Honesty is becoming one of your core priorities, and sometimes, the truth includes some necessary harshness. Every time you lose a lot, you gain even more. Time is the great revealer: allow her to uncover the gold that awaits.

In all of this transformation, don’t forget to be around friends. Your friends are the sky, the closest cat, books, and journals. Your friends are all the different people you’ve been that got you here, and all the gorgeous mysteries that you are on your way to becoming. Under these dark blue September nights, cast spells to let the future know that you are ready to receive your deepest wishes more than ever before.

Suggested spell ingredients: Grief Is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter, vocal exercises to activate and clear your throat chakra, raw aquamarine, cord-cutting rituals, and jasmine tea.

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6 of Wands

What people don’t really talk about publicly is all the work, betrayal, and doubt that are behind success of any kind. This month, it could be hard to celebrate recent wins because of exhaustion related to one or more of the above. Even if the rebalance you are experiencing is bittersweet, let the honey of your victory linger on your tongue long enough to taste it. You’ll need all the possible encouragement you can muster as you maneuver into this next phase of leadership.

Continue to take the high road: the one that leads to the arena. The path that is most true, most exciting, most able to help you master your genius. Stay away from the roads littered with pettiness, comparison, small thinkers, underearning tendencies, and people who will never understand you—no matter how much explaining you do.

There have been nudges to reinvent yourself publicly, to strike out on your own in some way. New horizons call your name. You’ve been wanting to differentiate yourself—whether that be from others in your industry, or family, or friend group: take these urges seriously. The motivation to pivot in identity, style, or persona is strong because it's time to explore more facets of yourself. Start in private, and then, show the public your glow-up.  

Suggested spell ingredients: Marge Piercy’s poetry, long walks on dirt roads or trails, a day spent visioning the new you (vision boards, active daydreaming, etc.), selenite, a donation to Farm to Prison, and forgiveness.

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7 of Swords

Life is too short to not have standards, ethics, values, and boundaries. There’s been some tension around what you truly want, and who you need to become, in order to attain it honestly. September is a month that will have you elevating your standards, redefining your values, interrogating your ethics, and implementing better boundaries.

Figure out what you *do* want by naming what you don’t. Let others’ bad behavior be a reminder of all that you will never do, and never get hooked into again. Be prepared for a dance of one step forward, two steps back. These movements are not proof that you aren’t doing a good job or that you’re failing,they are your old subconscious habits and energetic patterns working out their kinks. Did you think a huge spiritual and energetic transformation that most likely includes a break up or two would be fast and easy? The more you can flow through the snags without pathologizing or punishing, the sooner you’ll arrive at a space of peace. If it is you who is being dishonest or manipulative, you will be handed your bum. Proceed with that knowledge.

All this structure making and integrity naming will lead to some serious sighs of relief by the Pisces Full Moon. By the end of this month, events will illuminate hard-won treasures: who truly has your back, and clarity the likes of which you haven’t enjoyed in years. You’ve never been more sure who you are and what you need in order to flourish. Keep those front and center in the current construction zone of self.

Suggested spell ingredients: black or watermelon tourmaline, lemon balm tincture or tonic, cloud divination, and Boundaries & Protection by Pixie Lighthorse.

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Page of Wands

At least one project has run its course. At least one way of being has as well, Sweet Seagoat. Not everything is supposed to last forever, even if it has been “successful” — especially if it has been successful. Some of your creativity is meant to be explored in different ways, which means you have to let something go. It’s ok to not be ready, it’s ok for this letting go process to take a season or two. Resistance is part of any sea change.

You take responsibility very seriously. You watch what you say carefully, knowing that many impressionable ears listen to your words. But people need to be responsible for their own misinterpretations. Their over-dependence on your guidance is on them, not you. One person cannot be everything to everyone. That’s some Mad Hatter Madness, and you can’t let toxic expectations or people’s projections take you down anymore.

Once you’ve accepted some of the harder truths of this month, it is time to pour energy into what lights you up. Creation is a form of resistance, too. Imagine all the things you are interested in now as little torches that can be ignited and easily carried with you. Let them enhance your days. Spend time with all of these flames in September: research, and enjoy, and experiment—just for fun, not for profit, or some final outcome. Let curiosity guide the route that will become an expedition into the undiscovered territories of yourself.

Suggested spell ingredients: fire divination, time spent in saltwater, relaxation meditations, citrine, and lullabies to sing to yourself.

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Queen of Wands

The gift of understanding your magnetism is priceless. Your magnetism is found in what ignites your passion, and that feeling gets transmitted to others. Gather up those strong emotions and turn them into sensual actions. Remind yourself to spend extra time smelling the cut lemons; whisper to the orchids you bought for yourself; let the stars' configurations help you tell ancient new stories every night; hold yourself in the most precious esteem, let it all add up to infuse your energy. Make it feel easy and playful and worthwhile in a timeless way, not a reactive one. 

Soft power, bold power, intuitive power isn’t always accepted by the powers that be. This month will bring many reminders of how powerful you are. Before now, you might have tucked it away, shrugged it off, downplayed it. Maybe you downplayed yourself before others could. It is time to reclaim this power, to use this power: for good, for the collective, for the future. But first, in September, begin by using this power for yourself. 

When you combine your beautiful magnetism and your power, you become an unstoppable force for good. As you weave offerings to justice and pleasure, others get ignited. Make magic with this irrefutable knowledge.

Suggested spell offerings: fresh cut flowers, lemonade, carnelian, an altar to all the types of power you possess, and bright, bold colors added to your bedroom and wardrobe.

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The Emperor

There’s a huge difference between knowing what you need to do, and doing it. There has been a lot of thoughts about what to do with all that is cluttering up your mental hard drive, Cosmic Dreamer. Chances are, there’s been an ocean of emotions as well. August might have left you overloaded and overwhelmed. September is all about action. It is about preparing for all the prosperity that comes when you claim what is yours in the most authentic way possible.

Part of what has held you back are all the shifts to your identity that accompany your next steps. You are often comfortable in one role: this gives you an arsenal of excuses not to change. It might protect you from failure, but it also won’t lead to the version of success you aspire to. Creating yourself intentionally and unapologetically goes hand-in-hand.

Claim what is yours. Reclaim yourself and your time. Call your energy back, and move it into risks, small and large. Schedule in rest, prayer, and to-do’s: lean on those as small pools of respite in the chaos. Do not let your emotions or self-doubt steal another minute. This all will help you build the self—and the world—that you already see in your mind’s eye. This month, take “acting as if” to a whole new level as you transform into the next chapter that is right on time.

Suggested spell ingredients: ginger tea, rose oil in the bath or shower, a clear desk and altar space, a handwritten schedule, and a copy of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers by your bedside.

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