Spell Ideas For The New Moon

Spell Ideas For The New Moon

The New Moon lunar phase is a generative time for planting seeds, going inward, changing your mind, and making magic. When we think of the New Moon phase, we may think of the void, reset, beginnings, cultivating, mindset work, starting anew, sacred pause, growing hope and faith, regeneration, and intention setting.

The New Moon is the Moon as a blank slate, moon as void, moon as nothing. Nothingness is sacred because everything comes from nothing. The New Moon is a place where we can rest, renew, and move toward birthing or rebirth.  

Practically, the New Moon phase is a great time for:
+ resets, fresh starts, new beginnings
+ conscious daytime dreaming
+ gaining clarity
+ setting intentions
+ recharging, downtime, and taking a break: from social media, people that drain you, thoughts that aren’t kind, words that sting, and the like
+ planting seeds (literally, and metaphorically)
+ plugging back into self
+ adapting to a different mindset
+ setting up structures and systems of success 
+ learning a new skillset/or practicing that skillset
+ intentional consumption

Magically, the New Moon phase is a great time for:
+ setting intentions
+ attracting spells
+ seeding spells
+ calling your energy back to yourself/cleansing your energy
+ trying or creating a new Tarot spread
+ creative visualization
+ creating an altar that reflects your dreams
+ cleaning & clearing spells and rituals

New Moon Spell and Ritual Ideas

New Moon magic correlates with visions, dreams, and wishes. Spells that center on attraction, or stimulate your imagination and your senses—whatever will welcome in the energy of endless beginnings—are most potent during the New Moon.

Under this lunar phase, rest and replenish. Give yourself what you need, without guilt or resistance: gather the spiritual tools and support you need that correlates with the energies and themes mentioned above. Give yourself space to dream with rituals and spell work: rituals can help us sink into the specific energy of each Moon phase. 

Read below for spell and ritual ideas for a New Moon....

New Moon Cleansing Ritual Bath 

The only ingredients needed for this are a place to take a bath, a candle, and a salt scrub of your preference. If you have the Rise Magic Candle or the Protection Power Magic Candle, either of those would pair beautifully with this ritual (as would the Moon Kissed Earth Candle, especially if you're celebrating a New Moon in an Earth sign). If you don't have a bathtub, do this in your shower. Add your own additional ingredients based on your intuition! Those could include lavender or violets (dried or in oil form), crystals that resonate like Ocean Jasper or quartz. 

To begin:

As you run the water for your bath, ground and center yourself in your body. Envision what you want to invoke during this next cycle. Imagine it filling you up with colors, sensations, and images. Imagine the essence of your invocation integrating with the cells in your body. Place the herbs, salt, and crystals in the bath. Light your candle(s). Turn off the lights and slip into the bath. 

Relax your body and your mind. Call in hope by focusing on the word, or a calming color. Imagine tension, or the the past, leaving your body. Begin scrubbing as much of your body as you can, from your toes to your neck. Once you've vigorously sloughed off the dead skin, take some deep breaths. Re-center. Spend as much time as you need evoking your desired and new story in your body. 

Imagine the candlelight on the walls as the projects of your own new movie. Try to visualize your dreams and new behaviors coming through the flicker of the flame. Take as long as you need to create some of the scenes in the flames. Stay in the bath until you feel a shift in energy, spirit, body, flame, or all of the above. 

Quickly rinse off in the shower. Once you exit the space, take this new energy with you into your waking life. Know that you are leaving resistance and unhelpful patterns behind you in the bath that were sucked down the drain. 

If included in your ritual, take your crystals out of the bath and place them by your bedside, on your altar, or carry them in your pockets as needed. 

New Moon Attracting Spell 

The following spell is a simple attracting spell. It can be used anytime from the new moon to the full moon. You may wish to follow your written spell or petition with a caveat such as "this or better, for the greatest good of all," or another qualifier such as "no harm, only good, shall come as result of this spell." 

You will need: 

• Two candles--one that represents you and one that represents what you are attracting (choose colors that correspond intuitively to yourself and what you wish to attract)

• Elements that correspond to attraction--lodestones, magnets, copper, silver, and/or specific crystals, herbs, or plants that correspond to what you are attracting

• A spell, petition, poem, or letter you've written to or about what you are consciously attracting 

• Any other ingredient or symbol that pertains to what you are calling in, to place on your altar or to anoint yourself with (e.g., knots, or oils, or special incense) 

Cast the spell: 

Set up your altar and space: You will need enough space on your altar to put the candles far enough apart from each other, without disrupting the other ingredients you will be using.

Call in any guides/angels/helpers, if in your practice. 

Within the container of the spell, charge and dress your candles.  If they are in a votive, you may wish to embed crystals and herbs into your candles.  You may wish to carve your candles with words or symbols, anoint them, and roll them in herbs.  If nothing else, charge both the candle that represents you, and the candle that represents your desire, with your emotions and intentions.

Place the candles at opposite ends of your altar.

Light your candles.

Chant, recite, or sing your spell.  Repeat at least three times.  The last time you speak/recite/sing, move your candles about an inch closer together.

Spend time visualizing your desire moving closer to you.  Feel it in your body.

Close your circle.

Snuff out your candles.

Repeat this spell for the next three days.  On the third day, move your candles together so that they are touching.  Burn them down together.  If there is any wax left, or they are votives, on the last day, tie them together with a string or ribbon.  Bury them or discard them together. 


Always burn lit candles within sight and never leave a lit flame unattended. Keep lit candles away from anything flammable and keep lit candles away from children and pets.