Tarot-Deck Finding Hints

Tarot-Deck Finding Hints
With so much interest in the Tarot right now, figuring out where to begin can feel overwhelming. There are odd myths, like you should never buy your own deck. (Not true!) Those of you new to Tarot might not even understand what to think about when choosing a deck.

I wanted to share some great resources for looking up Tarot decks and deck reviews, and my personal tips for choosing a deck. Selecting your own Tarot deck is personal and really intimate. I suggest picking a deck that “feels” right to you. Below are some tips to help you choose the deck that best suits you. 
  • Consider the art in your life. What types of art, and which artists, are your personal favorites? What works of art inspire and stimulate you? Look for decks that evoke similar feelings to the art you love, or have similar styles, colors, and/or imagery in their cards.
  • Think about your experience level. Are you just starting out or a seasoned practitioner? If you're new to Tarot, consider a classic deck like a Rider-Waite Colman Smith or a Thoth deck: their more traditional imagery can be very supportive as you learn the Tarot. If you feel more comfortable with the archetypes of the Major and Minor Arcana, be bolder with your selection and choose from contemporary artists whose work stimulates your intuition.  
  • Be practical. Obviously the visual aspect of choosing a Tarot deck is incredibly important, but so is the tangible and kinesthetic. Consider if you want a matte or glossy finish to your cards, and consider what size deck will work best for your hands. Do you want larger cards or cards closer in size to a traditional playing deck? Which feels more comfortable in your hands?
  • Who do you want to see in your cards? Do you want to work with images of humans or animals in your Tarot deck? Do you want the characters and symbols of your cards to be rooted in the magical, the historical, pop culture, or in the everyday? Consider which Tarot deck will be the most inclusive of the identities you claim and see in your everyday life. If you're choosing your next Tarot deck to read for others, consider who your clients and friends are and how they can be best represented in your cards. 

    Below are some of my favorite stores for buying and perusing tons of Tarot decks: 

    Aclectic Tarot 
    This well-beloved site by Tarot aficionados and nerds, like moi, has deck reviews, informational forums, and an extensive Tarot deck database where you can look up lots of decks and see if you resonate with the imagery.

    The Tarot Garden 
    This shop is incredible. The selection is amazing, and they have beautiful Oracle decks available as well. I love perusing decks I could never afford but are total eye-candy. 

    Magick Planet 
    They have hundreds and hundreds of decks, including some hard-to-find ones.

    Some incredible websites for Tarot deck reviews are: 

    Asali Earthwork's Blog
    Asali does such an excellent job of highlighting QTBIPOC deck creators. She's been doing this for so, so long, and has tons of other really beautiful writing as well. 

    Little Red Tarot Blog
    Little Red Tarot might be the best resource for independent deck reviews out there. Spreads, interpretations, and tons of other content. 

    I would also be remiss to not add the incredible Taschen Tarot book by Jess Hundley and team. It features amazing decks from all over the world and is truly a feast for the eyes. 

    Remember, there is no "wrong way" to choose a Tarot deck—what's most important is how you connect to the images and messages of the cards. Let your intuition guide you!