The Fool

The Fool

The Fool

"The Fool of course is the wisest of all. The Fool who goes down the road with the alligators at his heels, and the dogs yapping at him, blindfolded on his way, he knows all there is and does nothing about it...nothing could touch him."—Aleister Crowley

Unlimited potential, the protection of innocence, and an unencumbered spirit in search of adventure: the Fool starts off our journey through the Major Arcana. When you pull a Major Arcana card (which illustrate the soul's journey through life's lessons, labors, fruits, and karmic challenges that a soul faces), it means you are in the middle of a crossroads, shift, significant life event, or major change. I think of them as "cosmic karmic cards"—they are the cards that show up when one is on, or needs to get on, their path. It is a reminder that we are here to actively learn lessons from the challenges and victories that we experience. Often, we end up pulling similar cards throughout time periods and readings, and those are indicators from Spirit about what we should be facing, or focusing on.

The Fool's number is 0, the number of unlimited potential, and of the void. Many readers consider the fool the protagonist through the Major Arcana, thus is ever present and needs no number. In the traditional deck, the Rider-Waite, written by A.E. Waite, and drawn by Pamela Colman Smith, the Fool's hand is a white rose, a symbol of purity, innocence, with associations of Aphrodite and the Virgin Mary. The Fool carries very little baggage, just the bare necessities of what they need. The journey after all, is unknown. When this card shows up, it is suggesting that it is time to take a risk, and set off on a new path, even if seems silly, risky, and outlandish. Especially it it seems all of those things, if it makes your heart beat quicken. Her furry friend running alongside her heels offers companionship, and help along the new venture.

In the Thoth tarot deck, the deck invented by Aleister Crowley and painted by Lady Frieda Harris, there is an alligator in the image. Representing the alligator God Sobek, who came from the great goddess, the alligator can symbolize divine protection. The Fool is jumping off a cliff, into the ether, onto a new path. The pearly jaws of the Universe are supporting her path and actions; for the innocent conjure a divine support.

The iconography that the Fool is derived from is the court jester, the observer and comedic commenter. When you pull the fool, know you have been granted permission to step outside the boxes you've built for yourself, to open yourself up to exuberance and inner wisdom, as well as your intuition. It is leading you in the right direction, no matter how "crazy" you appear to the outside world. Have fun, and take a chance!

Interpretations: a beginning, striking out on a new path, adventure, living in the moment, faith, protection, innocence and joy, folly, take a risk, trust, cosmic protection

Crystals: Brandberg Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, Danburite, Citrine

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