The Suit of Cups: The Power of Water

The Suit of Cups: The Power of Water

In the Tarot, the suit that corresponds to water is the Cups. Emotions, emotional repatterining and healing, love, intuition, psychic information, intimate relationships, including the ones with ourselves, art, harmony, spirituality, nostalgia, memories, dreams, flow: these are just some of the qualities that the suit of Cups in the Minor Arcana encapsulate. Connecting to the element of water and honoring all the ways it shows up in our lives, and how we can harness its strengths and balance it with the other elements, is essential to connecting to our intuition, loving ourselves, and honoring our dreams.

When one of the Cups cards come up in our lives, we are being asked to examine how we hold our water. Is our well dry?

Throughout the Cups, we see all of the ways that water shows up in our daily lives: in love, in conflict, grief, pleasure, adoration, heartbreak, connection, delusions, projections, our spiritual and intuitive practices, and in integrating self-love, and wholeness.

As the numbers progress, we see the ways that the lessons of the Cups build. In the Tarot Court cards, we get the opportunity to explore and experiment with water and the other three elements. Within each Court card is an invitation to embody different elemental combinations.

Becoming a vessel for love, for connection, for joy, for compassion, for vulnerability can be a challenge. Yet opening ourselves up to receiving expands our capacity to give. How can the suit of Cups in the Tarot help your practice of receiving?