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Carnelian Palm Stone For Creativity & Vitality

Carnelian Palm Stone For Creativity & Vitality

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Carnelian palm stones will make sure you embrace the power of your inner flame and light the world on fire with passion, vitality, creativity, and action. Embrace flow states and set aside resistance while amplifying your dreams through embodied intentions. Carnelian is the guardian of vitality, will, and tenacity — it supports all forms of humanifestation and dream chasing. If you need major change, if you have decision fatigue, if you’re ready to embody your dreams, carnelian will move and motivate you with its energies.

Keep carnelian by your bedside for explorations of pleasure and on your body for extra energy and creative inspiration. Carnelian can help you make art of your life and life of your art with its vitalizing vibrations; be your own sunbeam with carnelian's energizing magic.

Energetic Properties & Uses of carnelian crystal: increases vitality, humanifestation, supports sex magic, ignites creativity, transmutes the element of fire, reconnection to the physical self, risk-taking, courage, and main character energy.

Some carnelian affirmations are: 

  • My inner flame keeps me warm.
  • Everything I need I already have.
  • My life is in motion, powered by the vital energies of life. 

Mineral Background: Quartz, a chalcedony variety
Origin: sourced from Madagascar
Suggested Care: Keep away from salt water. 7 on the Mohs scale.

Please note
: crystals will vary slightly in size and appearance from those photographed as they are all one-of-a-kind. The Moon Studio's carnelian is approximately 2”x2” and weighs approximately 5oz and comes in a variety of hues. Each crystal is chosen especially for you: we cannot accept requests for specific stones and what you receive may differ from the crystals shown. Please shop responsibly! 

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