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Star Rose Quartz Palm Stone For Self-Love & Receiving

Star Rose Quartz Palm Stone For Self-Love & Receiving

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Not just for love witches, star rose quartz encourages healing, reprogramming, integration, self-love, and forgiveness. Star rose quartz is extra special because of its depth of color and defined astral pattern. A talisman of cosmic love in all its forms: bathe with your star rose quartz, display it in a corner of your bedroom, or keep it on your person as you navigate each day to encourage love and sweetness.

Energetic Properties & Uses of star rose quartz: emotional healing, increases and supports love in all forms, the release of old wounds, reprogramming, and increased compassion. Star rose quartz supports: integration, receiving, self-forgiveness, inner teenager healing, and soft protection.

Some star rose quartz affirmations are: 

  • I love and am love. Love surrounds me and flows freely into every facet of my life.
  • My existence is a love spell.
  • I call my heart home to heal and grow. I forgive myself for forgetting my own worth. I am loved and I give love, freely.
  • True love is already on its way to me as I evolve into my next phase.

Mineral Background: Quartz
Origin: sourced from Madagascar
Suggested Care: Can get wet. 7 on the Mohs scale.

Please note
: crystals will vary slightly in size and appearance from those photographed as they are all one-of-a-kind. The Moon Studio's star rose quartz is approximately 2”x2.5” and weighs approximately 4oz. Each crystal is chosen especially for you: we cannot accept requests for specific stones and what you receive may differ from the crystals shown. Please shop responsibly!

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