July 2022 Tarotscopes

July 2022 Tarotscopes

Gentle reader, if there was ever a year to practice not taking things personally, it is this one. If there ever was a time to forge authentic, intimate, and deep connections with like-minded folks, now is that time. If there was ever a season to heal some projections and shadows through examining the ways in which certain people, energies, or patterns can activate you, it is summer 2022. Just as others are serving as lessons and mirrors, you are also a catalyst of lessons and a mirror for others. You may sometimes be the villain in someone’s story, but you will always be the main character of your own. Don’t let other’s judgments influence how you show up or affect your happiness. Don’t ignore the jealousy or envy that others stir up inside you: this is important information. If you are looking for community and deeper friendships, be that open, kind person first. Other people are your mirrors this month. What you admire in someone else resides in you as well.

The theme for July is Relationships.

Everything is political. Everything is a relationship. This includes how we relate, and why. This not only includes other humans, but animals, plants, and the material and spiritual worlds. The ecosystem of one’s life is made up of relationships because relationships are everything. From the food we eat, to the shoes on our feet, to the architecture we are surrounded by: our entire existence is composed of the efforts of others, both known and unknown. We are not the individuals we sometimes think we are. Each person is a part of something much greater. Shifting certain relationship patterns is always possible, and this is an opportune month to do so. If your relationship with yourself fundamentally needs to include more love and kindness, begin in July.

— Excerpt from the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner. Get your copy or download the July Guide for this month’s Many Moons missive.

This month, enrollment for my Resourcing The Creative Self online offering begins: we start in August! The studio will be sharing more soon about this creative container. As long as you’re a Moonbeaming newsletter subscriber, you’ll the first to know!

This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. If your Tarotscope doesn’t resonate now, you may want to go back at the mid-point or end of the month to re-read.

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended. These Tarotscopes are not intended as an alternative to medical or psychiatric health services and should not be interpreted or used as such.

July 2022 Tarotscopes

Empress, Reversed; Justice

This month, two Tarot cards are here to guide you. They practically shouted the following as they revealed themselves in my hands: The self-betrayal ends now, fire starter. In some aspects of your life, you’ve been over-giving to avoid certain realities: get completely honest about certain overlooked needs. This is related to a deeper belief that you might not ever get what you need. So you settle, make excuses—you tell yourself all kinds of stories about now not being the right time, or having to heal more in order to finally begin anew. Some of this stems from how you were parented, and some of this has to do with how this culture weaponizes love, femininity, and receptivity. You didn’t cause it. You deserve better.

This season of self-love relies on understanding what larger cycle of your life you’re currently in. Honor where you are—whether it be seeding, blooming, composting, or rest. Tune into the natural rhythms of your body’s energy, your mind’s inspiration, and your intuition’s curiosity. Some days, this could mean staying up late to write, brainstorm, and move. Other days, it might be in bed by 8 pm with a book and some passionflower tea. Root into the specific flow that will best support you. 

Start by simply getting your basic needs met. Every time you hug a tree, raise a glass of water to your lips, or bite into a peach: declare that you are worthy of care, respect, pleasure, and satisfying nourishment. Not because of hard work, being “good,” or worthy in the eyes of another, but simply because you exist. Experience satiation frequently. Become a full cup filled to the brim, by you, for you.

Suggested spell ingredients: Star rose quartz, jasmine oil, 11 glasses of water a day, frequent solo-dates, and revisiting the themes of this Lovers Year.


6 of Swords, Reversed

You recently made a decision so major that the reverberations will be felt all summer long. Some pattern has ended, some old mean fake rule got broken, and a subtle (or not-so-subtle) form of self-harm has dissolved. Whether or not that decision was internal or external, whether or not there was fallout or reward, celebrate! A wider consciousness level is now available for you to access. You broke out of a box that contorted and compromised you for years. Exhale.

Healing comes in stages: every latest recovery includes a profound return to Self and a level of greater self-awareness. Use this new insight to continue to expand. Now that you’ve broken some outdated rules, are there any others that could follow? Understand that liberation is often just a perspective shift away.

Any life event can be a drama or a comedy: the end of the world or simply a blip. The stories you choose to tell about yourself, your identity, and your abilities are of the utmost importance now. You control the narrative; make it fun, cool, risky, and yes, maybe a bit cringe. This month, continue to embody the magician, the archivist, the future weaver, and all the other archetypes that support your energy, mindset, and nervous system in all the best ways.

Suggested spell ingredients: An altar for your personal archetypes, cool breezes and salt water, high-cardio activities (dancing! running! yelling! whatever gets your blood moving), peach moonstone, and at least one day spent in complete silence.


King of Swords

The gust of confidence that comes with resolution isn’t a fluke for you, Gentle Gem. Neither are the accolades, attention, or gifts that are appearing this month. They are the result of a ton of behind-the-scenes work, visioning, and cord-cutting. You’ve adhered to the admirable task of turning towards the future you want more than lamenting a past that you couldn’t control. You did this when it was easy, and when it was harder than anyone could know. Now, the tides have turned.

As you receive, enjoy! Emphasis on joy. The more gratitude and pleasure that can be memorized in your marrow, the better. This isn’t only about surface, temporary wins: this is about healing deep wounds around worthiness, and the ability to embody the leader you were meant to be.

You’ll want to remember who was there for you when times were hard, who was nowhere to be found if you weren’t first there for them exactly to their liking, and who is showing up now as you shift. Not to pass judgment, not to withhold, but simply as an observation exercise. Be sure to collect certain receipts. Don’t make promises or say things that might trap you, or cause confusion, down the line. Later, there will have to be words and appropriate actions—maybe even lawyers, or contracts. But for now, focus on the neural pathways that are getting rewired, the practices that support your mental health, and the exciting opportunities around the bend.

Suggested spell ingredients: Frozen witch hazel compresses, labradorite palm stones, fallen feathers found while frolicking, cloud-gazing, and an in-person or virtual dinner party—or dance party, or any kind of party—thrown by you for you, with the people you love.

The Hierophant

Moonchild, as of late there’s been so much on the plate of your life, that you don’t know where to begin. What must you take off your plate? What must you add? Maybe, you throw the whole dang plate out and find another. The overwhelm, the existential exhaustion, and the accumulation of memories are all blocks to the new life that you’ve spent much of the last few years struggling to create. Accept the uncomfortable truths, but don’t allow them to define your reality.

Reality is beyond contrast, caveats, or black-and-white thinking. Why have you gotten so hung up is this? You’ve been putting too many rules, due dates, or exact outcomes on a process that must be savored in order to gain momentum. You are human, so it only makes sense that you’ve been looking for proof in external proof and security. Go within, and give yourself more of what you’d been expecting from the outside world. Invest in systems, support, and structures that serve the future, not the past. Collaborate with the Universe through dialogue and trust.

Learn your lessons, finally, by no longer repeating old mistakes. Take perfectionism out of your work and spiritual practices. Loosen your grip and soften. Just because the world is harsh doesn’t mean you have to be. Let life live through you, instead of insisting that it must be a certain way in order to be of value.

Suggested spell ingredients: Specific songs that remind you that messes are cute, spells from your ancestry, Dori Midnight x Modern Women New Moon Potion, ice cream sundaes, and at least one activity that proves that linear time is false.


Queen of Pentacles

July focuses your habits, routines, and beliefs that comprise your external world. The everyday, time, work, money, the physical—all that surrounds you on the material plane—is ripe for some care, and some adjustments. Whether it’s a physical move, investments in therapy, certain modalities or herbal allies, asking for a raise or raising your rates, or simply listening to the messages the body sends, it is time to get serious. Take your physical care to another level: make it part of your daily routines and rituals, not an afterthought.

The containers you have around receiving, pleasure, and sustainability will not widen on their own: it’s up to you to memorize what support, rest, and enough-ness feel like in your body, and to expand them. The larger healing themes are about deepening self-trust, and up-leveling into a more holistic lifestyle. A lifestyle that reflects and supports all aspects of who you are and your optimal health is made intentionally: it doesn’t just happen, not in this economy! It will only happen “one day” if you begin now. 

Say no to that which wastes your time, and yes to that which enhances your presence. Embody all of the innate strength and worthiness that you’ve been doing so much inner practice around. If not now, when?

Suggested spell ingredients: The Pomodoro Technique, closet purges and donations, open fields, daily meditation, eating all of your vegetables, and black tourmaline.


4 of Swords, Reversed

Maya Angelou said: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” I don’t think she meant under capitalism, and perhaps, underpaid and overexposed. I don’t think she meant creativity performed with a side of imposter syndrome, or tinged with undertones of burnout. She meant free-flowing, Spirit-led, creativity—born from an authentic center, of generosity and ingenuity. She meant well-rested, well-fed, inspired acts of expression that are in conversation with our healed inner child, our wise future self, and the greater collective. That’s what she meant and that’s what you want to get back to again: processes, practices, expressions, and outcomes that reflect a genuine person, not a machine or an influencer’s social media feed.

As of late, your creativity and intuition have felt blocked: trampled by commerce, endless annoying requests from others who somehow can’t do their own jobs, and self-doubt. Underutilized in life-giving ways, over-utilized in others, your creativity needs space, your intuition needs to feel safe again. It’s ok to feel grief if that’s what you are feeling. It’s also ok to switch up your style, recycle old work or ideas, take a class, or even take a break.

More than anything, there’s an ignored aspect of your creativity—which is really just your Spirit or Self—that can no longer be denied. This beautiful, truthful part of you is in desperate need of being explored and invested in. It could be in diary entries, in making time for old hobbies, or in rereading old drafts or letters with a compassionate, gentle gaze. It could be found in a bunch of bad art, failed first attempts, or simply letting yourself be frustrated by a longer learning curve. What if it’s time to pivot? What if it’s time to transform? In order to write the next chapter, you’ve got to be uncomfortable and vulnerable for a while. But first, rest.

Suggested spell ingredients: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, singing your favorite songs from middle school at the top of your lungs, blank pages and canvases, New Moon Cedar Wand, bubbles, and selenite.


Judgment, Reversed

Who heals the healer, Libra? In this case, you do. You are both the healer and in need of healing. What’s been your medicine this year? It’s time to pull back from any compulsive over-giving, and finally give yourself what you were circling around all spring. It’s time to take the medicine you so freely administer to others.

There are some obligations that have weighed you down that now need examination. If some of your past choices haunt you, July is the time to figure out why. Make amends, give others what you would want in a similar situation, move forth with any offerings or services necessary—make sure you won’t repeat the same behaviors—and move on. That is honestly, truly, all you can do.

Feeling like you are in debt—or that you owe someone or some group something—doesn’t actually mean that you do. There’s a difference between honor and perpetual indebtedness. So, you failed. So what? The Universe wants you to keep your chin up, no matter what. Self-respect serves the collective way more than self-effacement ever could. July will positively explode with a-ha moments, inspiration, and messages you won’t be able to ignore. In order to to receive them, you’ve got to be available. In order to heal, you’ve got to believe that you can.

Only time gifts us greater awareness, so be patient and trust in the timing of life.

Suggested spell ingredients: Ice cubes with flowers in them, serpentine, free write or free-drawing sessions outside, candlelit dinners for one, and letters of forgiveness—to yourself and to those you love—burned under this month’s full moon.


5 of Swords

This month, be wary of anyone trying to back you into a corner. Be mindful of how easy it is to become derailed by unreasonable expectations. Remember, people can project all they want and they will. If you start to believe in others’ projections of you and start building an identity around those beliefs, your ego and self-esteem are in for a bumpy ride. At least one circumstance will arise this month where you’ll be forced to discern between an over-attachment and the truth. Always choose the truth.

Much of our personalities are simply learned behaviors, survival mechanisms, and trauma responses. Ironically, sometimes what we do in order to feel safe and accepted keeps us isolated and precarious, because it relies on performance and assumptions. Certain rules are meant to be broken, particularly when they’ve been holding you back, or keeping true intimacy away.

This month, break free. That could look like hard conversations, writing down what you truly want, and deciding who you want to be. This won’t be easy, but it will usher in a breakthrough you’ve been craving all year. Looking at ourselves in the mirror with clarity means we have to admit when we’ve been wrong, or name when we’ve looked away. Realizing how wide the gap is between who we think we are and what our actions really reflect is a necessary first step. Align who you most want to be with action, until you are living your truth.

Suggested spell ingredients: Vintage matchbooks, white candles, sunbeams, picnics with friends, stained glass, nettle tea, and talismans of love.


8 of Wands

It’s the summer of self-love and self-like, Sagittarius. That’s right: you might love yourself unconditionally, but do you like yourself? If the answer is yes, stop reading this immediately! Pour yourself a celebratory drink, and refrain from taking any advice for the rest of this summer! This month, go forth, crash all the parties, and do all the things. If the answer is something else, read on.

The 8 of Wands is the green light Tarot card, an archetype of movement and breakthroughs. July is a time to make headway, and experience pretty quick results from your effort. With that knowledge, it’s best to start with how you treat yourself when no one can see, with what only you can feel. Liking yourself is so important! It forms the basis of our experiences and decisions. When you like yourself, any errand or chore or minute becomes a chance to be amused, no matter what happens. Your body and mind become soft spaces to reside in, a refuge. You more naturally gravitate to others who like themselves too. Time is not wasted on doubt, cruel self-talk, or boring parties.

Think about what it would take to like yourself enough to take bigger risks. Confidence isn’t something that falls out of the sky. Confidence is both a practice and a pursuit. Every day, ask yourself: what would someone who liked themself do? Then, do it. Do it enough times until, eventually, you unabashedly like the person you’ve become in the process.

Suggested spell ingredients: dessert for breakfast, cartoons and movies from childhood, love letters to yourself read out loud over candlelight, berry stains on your lips, loose schedules, and ocean jasper.


Queen of Cups

You have no problem being motivated by hardship and seemingly impossible goals. 
A challenge overcome gives you a specific sense of satisfaction, Sea Goat. You’re used to the high highs and low lows that accompany an individualized life of ambition. The question that this month asks is: can you be motivated by flow, ease, and feelings of the smoother variety?

The malaise you sink into at this time of year is one part because of the summer season that encourages rest, play, and celebration. It’s one part because of the guilt that can nip at your heels when you experience life smoothed out, tumbled soft like a pearl, after a long time of jagged edges and ducking curveballs and chaos. And lastly, it’s about time anxiety: the slowness of the season causes you to recount all the time you feel you’ve wasted, and it brings into sharp focus how few months of 2022 are left. I won’t tell you to relax, but I will suggest that you use this month to get really clear on what is most important for you to achieve privately and publicly in the next few years. Understand that this month is a gentle lull: use it to go on fun dates, clean, connect to family and friends, or tap back into your spiritual practice. Use it to heal a tired heart.

You are at a point when you’ve climbed to the top of one mountain, but haven’t yet figured out where the next ascent is. Take the month of July off from having to know all the answers and from harsh goals. Instead, relax on the shores of dreamy beaches and float in cold water. Use it to get to know yourself now: not as a human doing, but simply as a sweet, serious human being who doesn’t have to be anything other than what they already are.

Suggested spell ingredients: Sunflowers, kinesthetic learning exercises, stone fruits, time spent in the sunlight and in the shadows, dark moon magic, and an automated responder for the entire month that reads, “I’ll get back to you in August!


7 of Cups

July is a month of certain emotions welling up: emotions you’d much not rather take up space. Inconvenient moods and talkative tears vie for your attention. It’s important that you let yourself feel because this is a sign that both your body and psyche now register safety. When the body and subconscious feel safe is when they can process trauma, loss, and grief. Though this sounds paradoxical, the more you express ugly and big emotions the more in-the-clear you’ll be.

Your dreams got small, out of sight, or perhaps they all together disappeared these last few years. Adapting, getting by, going through the motions, being grateful for all that was, and enjoying simple pleasures had to be enough. And it was, to a certain extent. You learned a great deal from being able to carry on, in impossibly wild moments. You learned you could rely on yourself and you learned who would always be there for you. You learned you’re lucky, which simply means that you’ve always been able to create your own luck.

July is a month where daydreams and fantasies on the small scale aren’t going to cut it anymore. You’ve got to start bringing your dreams of all sizes to life. You’ve got to let them expand, unfurl, and become a pleasant—not painful—tease. Don’t second-guess yourself as motivation returns. The mix of gratitude, discipline, and self-made luckiness makes you as irresistible to the next technicolor chapter as it appears to you. Expand your dreams until they become audacious, and explore your fantasies in reality.

Suggested spell ingredients: Four-leaf clovers, dance parties in the forest, non-negotiable action items, the wisdom of Aretha Franklin, cinnamon, and time spent with your inspirations and icons.


Queen of Swords

While the haze of sun-soaked afternoons and salty nights descend, this is a month to gain clarity. Clarity about relationships, absolutely: ask for what you want and nothing less. See who shows up: not only when you glow, not just when you are helpful, but when you aren’t your brightest self, when you need more support. Be careful not to write anyone off before giving them the chance to help you. It’s time to break the pattern of self-isolation and of assuming the worst of others (and yourself). Give yourself, and those you value, the benefit of the doubt.

It’s also time to seek clarity about your next steps, what new skillsets to nurture, and the strategies required to move forward. It sounds like a lot, which is why you need to focus on simplicity, precision, and truth.

You’ve got a voice and it’s time to use it. There are many messages to share, not only with those in your private life but with strangers who need to hear them, as well. It’s time to get serious about how you’ll be disseminating them for more people to enjoy and benefit from. What do you want to say? How do you want to say it? July is the time to strategize, pitch, revise website copy, create the syllabus for a dream class, start the newsletter/YouTube channel/oracle deck/art series, or whatever other venture that includes your unique perspective.

You’ve got a voice. Using it in clear, beautiful, aligned ways is how you’ll find your people and also, different aspects of yourself.

Suggested spell ingredients: Lemon in your water, a costume of bright colors and bold prints, time spent tending to your throat chakra, indulgent selfies and stunning self-portraits of all kinds, and voice memos of all your brilliant ideas: at least one recording of a day for the entire month.