March 2023 Tarotscopes

March 2023 Tarotscopes

The arrival of the equinox this month will pick up the pace. Find your own rhythm as the aperture of the day widens. This is a phenomenal month to call in support or to be that support for others who need it. At a certain point, vulnerability must override discomfort; notice the stories or fears that hinder expansion. You don’t need to know more or be more resilient to lend a helping hand, or join an organization working to make the world a better place. You become more resilient and you learn through new relationships and new processes. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help; everyone needs more help now. Communicate that you are currently at capacity if that’s what you need; those who love you will understand. Practice nervous system regulation and the nuances of energetic discernment—hold space for discomfort, but be mindful of overriding your body’s needs.

The theme of the month is the Long Exhale.

We can’t hold our breath waiting for the ground to get more secure under our feet: that security must be found within. When all we do is wait for other people to give us permission, wait for the proverbial other shoe to drop, or hunker down in defense mode, all we gain is frustration. March is a time for long exhales, deep belly breaths, and finding relief however we can. Relax as you release gifts, projects, pitches, self-doubt, fucks, and caution to the wind. Long exhales also could look like: unburdening, purges, surrender, slow sensuality, and devotion to self, deities, and the Earth.

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This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. Read for whatever sign you feel called to: your Sun, rising, Moon, or a placement that is particularly loud right now.*

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March 2023 Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener 


The Magician, Reversed   

You are an orchid that was told to be a dandelion. You’ve played this role so well that almost no one would guess that it doesn’t come naturally to you. Frustration becomes the norm, and tamping down your needs becomes the price to pay for connection. Clarify your behaviors that exist only for someone else’s comfort, and which ones are congruent with who you actually are. You’re waking up more, which means you are getting more intimate with authenticity. You’re stepping off the stage of people-pleasing, and settling into your own vibrant garden.

Release the pain of self-betrayal to let yourself off the hook. You were doing the best you could in some truly unfair situations. Celebrate those next-level survival skills, while taking care to avoid situations where you’ll have to use them. Now that you know better, things can be different. You need to be seen in your fullness, you need to be received on your own terms. It’s ok to take a break from certain relationships that pull you back into old patterns. You need time to clarify who you are ready to be now. You need space to reset your energy accordingly.

This month, locate the right environments that nurture your truest facets and best assets. Give who you are becoming a home to settle into.

Suggested spell ingredients: a new vine for your altar or windowsill, peach moonstone,  improv or ceramics classes, Family Constellation Therapy, and night rituals where you commune with the stars.


The Wheel of Fortune

Drama can be fun, and escapism is a welcome balm in these times™. However, drama and escapism become avoidance if you aren’t careful. March will be a big month for you, tender Taurus — but only if you finally make some big changes. How are you avoiding the necessary work of getting organized in order to reinvent yourself, and most importantly, to move the f*ck on? How can you get out of your own way?

I’m sorry to say that no one is coming to save you, but you probably already knew that. I’m happy to say that you are more than capable of becoming the person of your dreams and building a life that reflects said dreams. Being dramatic can get you the attention you want, but after too long, emotional blow-ups only point to where more maturity needs to be developed. The impulse to turn a momentary mistake into a major hurdle, or turn a maladaptive habit into your entire personality isn’t going to help you make moves. It certainly isn’t going to make you money.

If you have a leaky bucket—or several—this month, fix them. Don’t keep pouring more water (or love, or energy) into a vessel that can’t hold it. Breathe, slow down, and center. The drama, the avoidance, and the outbursts are all signals. Your actions are out of alignment with your priorities. Deep down, you know that it’s time to do better. It’s time to move differently. Go slow and steady toward solutions. Opportunities are on their way. It’s time to get ready for them.

Suggested spell ingredients: movement rituals, carnelian, solo day trips, a planner, and most importantly, a clear plan that you will follow through on.


10 of Pentacles

This month, your lesson is clear: The biggest regrets often come when people trade short-term discomfort for long-term growth. Read that again. If there is one message to receive this month, it is this. In some of the most important areas of your life, it’s time to embrace the uncomfortable in order to reap substantial gains down the road. 

What that will look like is different for every Gem, but here are some examples to help you pay attention as the month progresses. Fighting for something that is rightfully yours when someone tries to take it from you. Correcting invoices or clarifying contracts so that they are truly reciprocal. Spending late nights and weekends on a project that could change your life, visibility, and/or your income. Choosing vulnerability in order to repair, or resurrect a relationship, or dream. 

Gemini, shake off the many frustrations of the past and focus on the long game. Choose growth over a quick dopamine hit or a shiny object. Look back to move forward. What skills and experiences got you to where you are now? At the time, perhaps some of them were hard-won, or possibly even came from hardship. It isn’t the cards we are dealt, it’s how we play them.  You’re creating new pathways and exploring new terrain. You’re investing in that which can never be taken away: skills, self-respect, and enduring safety. It isn’t going to be easy, but it’s worth every try. 

Suggested spell ingredients: fresh lemons, ancestral music playlists, wills, life insurance and retirement funds and other kinds of long-term planning, decision magic, and strategies for sitting with discomfort. 


The Page of Cups, Reversed

You are the ocean, and the ocean is both fragile and powerful. Some can only witness your fury or ambition: they overlook the sensitivity and compassion that precedes. It’s your insistence on care for all that fuels you. When you repeatedly show those you care for how to care for you and are met with indifference or cruelty, that’s when the gentle rain of your compassion turns into a storm. It’s not ok, but it is information. As a wise one once said, “Forgiveness is giving up all hope of a better past.” 

March will emphasize the truth that love requires action. Caring for yourself means discipline, it means acting as if until something clicks, it means investing in healthy outlets and healthy habits. A consistent empathetic witness is what heals trauma. Cultivating joy and hope is what will summon the energy you need to move on. 

An emotion takes 90 seconds to move through our body. It’s the thoughts and repetition of those thoughts that make a drop of doubt turn into an ocean of anxiety. Don’t let your emotions rule everything, watery one. Don’t let those who could never see you fog up every mirror. Get in touch with your most ancient parts, your child self. Let those innocent parts of yourself speak and take up space. Prioritize fun and everything that reflects loveliness back to you. It’s never too late to have a wonderful childhood.

Suggested spell ingredients: daily activities for your inner child-like painting and dancing, cuddles, symbolic stones thrown in streams, the Spring Equinox Many Moons Seasonal Support Session, and saltwater baths. 



The ongoing sentiment in the Tarot world is that the Death card doesn’t mean an actual death. But in this time, with a pandemic still going strong, with all the actual death and loss and grief and all the unrealized dreams, splintered communities, and endless encounters with endless harsh truths, the energy of death is strong. Death is a spectrum. March might be the month to reckon with all that has been lost, all that has changed over the last 3 years. It also might be time to wake up to the vibrant reality that life does go on. 

This is a profound time for you, and times of profundity require creativity. If you were writing a story about this chapter of your life, what would illustrate its importance? How might you live in a way that proves that you have come out of confusion and into resolve? It’s not too late, if that’s what you decide. 

Perspective is a key ingredient for dealing with change. Perspective shapes narratives and narratives inform how we move forward. Did you lose a friend, or decide you are no longer available to people who take advantage of you? Framing something as a period of hardship that you’ve survived is very different than assuming that everything will be difficult forever. Death is change and change is life. You are profound and creative. The story you decide to tell about yourself now must be one of rebirth. 

Suggested spell ingredients: some good old-fashioned spring cleaning, creative writing, snakeskin, decision magic, and determination.


3 of Pentacles, Reversed

March is a month for you to hunker down. It’s time to stop prioritizing others at the detriment of your own well-being. When service is a compulsion, it can become an avoidance of self. When service enforces hierarchies, it can be a way to avoid intimacy. When service is a compulsion, it can turn into martyrdom. Your worth is not tied to how useful you are, or how much you can suffer.

Some dynamics in your workplace, your movement community, your family, or particular friendships may have become tangled or toxic. Take accountability for yourself, be open for reconciliation, but stop expecting change after people have made their capacity clear. Hunker down and pour all your energy into projects and activities that serve you.

Serving yourself is also serving the collective. Your joy inevitably becomes someone else’s. Your art, precision, technical abilities, and vibrant health all become a drop in the ocean of all existence. An investment in yourself is ultimately an investment in your community. Those that can’t understand this now, might not be someone to be of service to later.

The upcoming full moon in your sign will be an opportunity to recommit to a large project or process that will heal you through positive obsession. If you’ve lost your why, this lunation will help you find it so long as you make space for inquiry and devotion. If you’ve lost yourself, it will remind you that your spirit has always been here, wild and available and joyous and openhearted and ready to receive the full bounty of your love.

Suggested spell ingredients: symbolic actions, star rose quartz palmstones, decision magic, lavender, and self-forgiveness. 


The Emperor

One way we cheat ourselves out of happiness in the present moment as adults is by prioritizing adult kinds of things over play. Perfectionism subtly rears its head, and we continue to repeat the script…when I’m more together, then I’ll…But what if you won’t be more together than you are now? What then? What if THIS IS IT? Because it is. 

Lovely Libra, do your taxes this month, and also…can you play hooky at least a few times? Is there a work dance party you need to start? Can you relax first, and to-do list second? 

I’m not going to tell you to practice radical acceptance or to breathe or to practice gratitude: it’s not that kind of month. Jupiter’s still in your 7th house of partnerships and commitments, reminding you that you grow through who you know. How you show up is how others see you, and how you continue to show up in the world shapes how you see yourself. Go after what you want. Proclaim loudly what you need. If you’ve been waiting for permission to take up space, this is it. Do more of what you want, when you want it. Resuscitate some of those weirder and wilder dreams, until they ripple out more and more into the material world. 

Suggested spell ingredients: the Moon Studio March playlist, bottles of sunshine, love letters to your inner child, endorphin rushes, and time spent using your hands. 


10 of Swords, Reversed

It’s a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life... and you’re feeling good. And if you aren’t…this is the month to ask yourself why not? And do something about it. If you have chronic pain, do you need more help, more rest, or schedule some venting sessions with a friend? If you’ve been depressed for a minute, is it time to try some meds or begin a mindfulness practice? Can all Scorpios reading this be kinder and sweeter to themselves?

You’ve been through a lot already. Don’t turn those swords on yourself. 

Invest in your mental health. That could mean an exercise routine, less screen time, and more nature. Whatever interferes with your peace of mind needs to be paused. 

Saturn moving into your 5th house means that some Scorpio risings might be thinking about progeny of all kinds. Book babies, fur babies, human babies, and other ways you leave a legacy could be highlighted for you this month. Whatever it is that you birth or care for will be an important undertaking for you, so choose wisely, and don’t add more onto your plate. Make sure that it supports, not drains, your entire well-being. A rough patch is over. Step into more ease by making things easier on yourself. 

Suggested spell ingredients: a new journal, amethyst, decision magic, time capsules, airplane mode, and extra-long showers and baths.   


7 of Pentacles 

Distractions often arise when it is time to do some deep, important, long-term work. The grass will always be greener where you don’t have to take care of it personally. Comparison and distractions are cropping up for you, gentle archer, because they are a sign that it’s time to invest in some larger, longer goals. They might not feel exciting at first, but they will grow into something meaningful if you stay the course. All signs this month point to you cultivating commitment and devotion. Saturn moves into your 4th house of home and belonging, which could signal a move, some home upgrades, or a deeper settling into self.

All the chaos of the last few years might have taken you away from important goals and ambitions. Now is the time to revisit them to see if they still feel vibrant. There is at least one dream you’ve had, but haven’t been able to make time for, that needs to be reinvested into now.

The 7 of Pentacles comes up when it’s time to expand upon what you already possess, and who you already know. What resources do you already have available, and how can they support you in growth and change? This is an excellent month to reach out to old friends, resurrect old computer files, and dust off some old equipment. Beloved relationships and hobbies will help ground you now. There’s nowhere else you need to be, and nothing new you need to do. The answers will come when you stay still for long enough to receive a sense of sanctuary.  

Suggested spell ingredients: roots, new home goods, pruning and weeding, the Rise Candle, and dark moon magic.


The Sun

When we get a diagnosis or finally see someone’s true colors for the first time, it can be confronting in a deeply emotional way. What was obscured becomes the last golden puzzle piece, and alongside that relief is often a whole other bouquet of ambivalence. March is a wake-up call, filled with messages, puzzle pieces, and warnings. 

If you don’t take everything personally, reckonings don’t have to be so dramatic. Your reactions will show you what wounds still need healing—may the interactions you have this month highlight where to pour compassion into. When others share their capacity in subtle or loud ways, accept that. When others share their preferences, understand that it is about them, not you. If your glow is met with indifference, that doesn’t mean to stop. It’s a redirection of your gifts, a reminder that your shine does not rely on external validation.  

In Jewish mysticism, “light” doesn’t only mean “good,” it means a depth of perception. Light doesn’t always feel easy, light often pierces right through obstruction and delusion. You are being asked to “see” not just with your eyes, but with your entire being. Trust the illuminations that come from within. Write them all down, then make a different plan. Your next steps are the right ones. Especially if it feels simple, different, or will set you free in a particular, important way. 

Suggested spell ingredients: trust, Rise Magic Oil, silly dance moves, meal prep Mondays, and carnelian in your pocket while you’re taking bold imperfect actions. 


The Devil

Almost no one ever talks about what can happen when you’ve reached the next level. March finds you searching for, and most certainly obtaining an achievement. You’ve found a better work situation—or created one. You’ve found or created a safer home or living situation. Or, a longed-for career or healing achievement just around the corner: or has maybe even arrived. 

I wrote about them in a 2016 edition of Many Moons, and I call them “up-leveling setbacks.” Our nervous system needs time to adjust. Our consciousness needs time to adjust to another reality. Or, if we have a history of trauma, we can interpret any kind of change—even great opportunities—as danger. This month, if certain achievements don’t feel as amazing as you thought they would, don’t blame yourself. Your subconscious might have some messages about what is going on, underneath the hood of your life. 

The last lingers of grief that has formed a shroud around your psyche need love. Anytime you set some kind of deeper boundary, anytime you truly move on, there will be a release of pain or tears. Anytime you let yourself feel a little safer, anytime you let yourself receive a bit more abundance, there will be an opposite reaction. It could be subtle, like a mysterious spell of irritability for a day or two. It could be larger, like an evening spent crying in the bath or the urge to sabotage everything you’ve built. Can you give yourself space to process whatever energy needs to be let go? You don’t need to analyze it. You do need to celebrate all that you’ve created. You do need to acknowledge how very far you’ve come. 

Suggested spell ingredients: grounding and shielding every day, Protection Power Magic Oil, blanket forts, a conversation you’ve been procrastinating on, and shadow boxing sessions.  


6 of Swords

You deserve everything you thought you had no business even dreaming of. You deserve every last drop of kindness and support you never thought possible. You deserve all of the encouragement and adoration you thought was reserved only for others. March is the month to be resolute about everything you know you deserve. March is the month to truly internalize the truth that how people treat you after you’ve been patient and loving, is about them, not you.

Pisces, you’ve changed a lot and your season is reflecting exactly how much. Your environment might be holding you back, or certain relationships might be underscoring how much you settle for, or how much you are afraid to express. You might be putting off certain big moves because you are scared of how some folks in your inner circle will respond. 

Remember that you aren’t the same person you were 3 years ago, or 7 years ago. Some of the relationships or situations that now feel constricting were built by a different version of yourself. If certain people can’t change and adapt, you might have to step away. If you feel uncertain about what to do, pretend that the person or situation will never change. If that doesn’t feel good, it might be time to turn toward situations or relationships that do. Remember that while grief is painful, it is a testament to your healing. Move towards new horizons and spaces where you have more chances of getting everything you deserve. 

Suggested spell ingredients: decision magic, flow states, selenite, sleeping in, and wide open spaces. 



*Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

These Tarotscopes are not intended as an alternative to medical or psychiatric health services and should not be interpreted or used as such.