October 2022 Tarotscopes

October 2022 Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener: Your Magic October theme The Moon Studio

October is a bridge month: a space between the worlds, a time when veils are thin, and masks come on and off. It is a time to toggle between the interior and exterior, between impulse and action. The number of planets retrograde or stationing direct—and an Eclipse later this month, paired with those beautiful yet often destabilizing feelings that this behind-the-veil time of the year brings—will give this time an “all over” the place kind of energy. Some gears spin effortlessly; some seem stuck on a setting you’ve tried your hardest to not be on. You may desire to travel in deep underworld spaces but have rude, mundane tasks to take care of. As the world spins, and old paradigms decay, soak up all the enchantments you can. Give yourself stretches of time in other levels of consciousness. There’s a world that has been built for you and a world you are building with others who share the same values and visions. Be in both worlds, but not of either. Find magic and heaven within as much as possible.

The theme for October is Your Magic.

October is the time to focus on your magic. Remember your magic. Reconnect to your magic. The world is a treasure trove of enchantment, but on some days it can be harder to find beauty. If that is the case, spend more time in nature: the wild, or in your own true nature or imagination. Your magic could be so inherent to who you are that it may not feel magical. Think about what comes so easily to you, and spend more time in that zone.

—Excerpt from the 2022 Many Moons Lunar Planner. Pre-order the 2023 edition HERE!

This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. You can read for whatever sign you feel called to: some read for their Sun, rising, Moon, or all three. As always, take what you need & leave the rest. If your Tarotscope doesn’t resonate now, you may want to go back at the mid-point or end of the month to re-read.

Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting. Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended. These Tarotscopes are not intended as an alternative to medical or psychiatric health services and should not be interpreted or used as such.


2 of Swords

Your magic is most evident when you are on a mission from your inner flame. The enthusiasm that pours forth from each cell when you are inspired is contagious, enveloping, and ultimately, healing. You also hold a secret kink for being underestimated: it’s easier to come up from behind when others discount you. It’s fun to be looked at sideways, then shock the whole room with your trophy later.

Aries, a major source of your stress has been tying the hard-won wins to your worth. Tensions mount when external validation comes at the expense of unbridled joy and fascination.

Your magic this month will come from deep dives back into your instincts and dreams. All year, you've been trying to gain more clarity about who you are, what you are doing with your life, and where you are going. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of external distractions and internal expectations getting in the way of what must be uncovered: what you need in order to feel safe to express yourself and your most resonant identity. Stop putting yourself in between a rock and a hard place by denying quiet pleasures and louder joys. Invest in activities, practices, and spells that stoke that fire within, that have nothing to do with anyone else. Success comes from being yourself and your Self needs to feel safe to come out and play as its latest—and best—version.

Suggested spell ingredients: Nettle tea, mirror magic, flower agate, a long bath, airplane mode, bottled sunshine, your childhood journals, and a guide for the future.


3 of Pentacles

Your magic knows no bounds when you are in harmony with the world around you. When you are fully invested and motivated, you make the moving of mountains look effortless — and it often feels effortless as you are doing so. Your strength and stamina come from the heart, from the energies of love and beauty. The distinction to make here is that overworking doesn’t equal flow, or respect, or joy. The stability you crave can lead to stagnation. Earth sign magic requires the health of the entire mind/body/spirit ecosystem, and ecosystems evolve and need variety for optimal health.

You don't need to know exactly what you want, but you do need to start experimenting with the energies, essences, and values of what you want to work toward. You do have to practice new ways of being, new ways of talking about yourself, and new ways of doing the work every single day. It’s time to break free, inch by inch.

This month, you must release certain energy-sucking patterns and stay away from certain addictions and relationships. Your magic will thrive in different conditions, with a renewed purpose, and you will harmonize once again with love, integrity, and beauty. The soil of your soul’s ecosystem needs weeding and fertilizer. Your magic never left, it just needs some TLC—and a change of scenery—to thrive again.

Suggested spell ingredients: Aimless walks or drives in new directions, a class or workshop to learn something brand new, spearmint tea before bed, lavender sprigs, protection magic, and a proverbial keyboard to write your next chapter.


6 of Swords

Your magic is strongest when you are following your own brilliant curiosity — not the crowd. When you trust the most unique ideas and insights that flow forth, you thrive. Naturally ingenious and innovative, experimentation and communication are the ways you create new paradigms, software, theories, projects, and pieces of art. When you are around others who see your originality as an asset, the process of dialogue and the cross-pollination of relationships only supports your ideas. Unfortunately, not everyone is secure enough to understand that differences are priceless and that your individuality is gold. When left in unequal situations for too long, you can forget that too.

Go back to the places that remind you of who you really are and what you are capable of. Flow toward the people that wish to offer up true support, not see your shine as a threat.

This month, your magic will expand through non-negotiables and boundaries with others, but most of all, with yourself. There are promises to keep and standards to be raised, and if you aren't doing those with yourself first, no one else will. Movement and motion are needed. Move on from those who don't respect you, yes. And also, let go of expired situations, identities that keep you in victim mode, and dreams and ideas that have become sharp pins, holding down your wings.

It’s time for reinvention. Use your natural genius to make the process enjoyable: a montage from a feel-good movie, not a marathon to Mordor you’ll have to slog through. Write the story, then live it.

Suggested spell ingredients: Caves and caverns, cord cutting, amethyst, yoga nidra, surrender meditations, holy basil essence, and a canvas for the artwork that is your life.


10 of Wands

Your magic is found through your ability to receive and transmit perfectly timed and attuned energies and emotions to the collective. A lot of the time, you are a mirror: reflective and revealing. However, mirrors can’t see their own reflections. Mirrors cannot feel the vibrations of the beauty they emit.

It's a cruel cosmic joke that you don’t get to truly understand or experience how very loved you are by so many—God and the angels included—because over the last few years, it's been what you need more than anything else. Fortunately, all of that will shift over the next few months, provided that you give yourself the love you need most: attention, celebration, and meticulous care. It’s the task of your lifetime to learn how to be truly selfish: that is, not only full of self but understanding how valuable it is to be in that state. That is, not rushing to put guilt, obligation, and the assumed needs of others before your own very real needs of expression, fun, art, nature, and all considerations specific to you.

Activate your magic by going from reflection mode into receiving mode. Receiving is a vital moonifestation rule for a reason: we get what we can receive, belief-wise, nervous-system-wise, and what we have the literal space for. Receive yourself, fully, not only your innocent inner child and rebellious inner teenager, but the most talented, rigorous, rainbow-like version of who you truly are now. Impress yourself and impress God herself.

Suggested spell ingredients: A creative and spiritual processing companion, rosewater, serpentine, vulnerability, sunflowers, a moon candle for a moon child, and open arms. 



Your magic is sunshine magic, warm and bright. At once galvanizing and supportive, it thrives in movement, growth, and embodiment. Your magic comes from being who only you can be: yourself. The secret codes that help you unlock new levels of your magic are visibility, play, creativity, true connection, courage, and power. When all of those components are present and consistent in different ways—within your work, relationships, self-image, and every day—frankly, you are unstoppable.

Sometimes, when you are asked to do too much or asked to always match the unchanging idea that others have of you, your sunshine fades. When power dynamics are imbalanced, when there’s no space for non-transactional relationships: your motivation wanes. When you are asked to do tasks that are beneath your metaphoric pay grade, or that compromise your shine: your spirit retracts. That’s when you must recharge, call your energy back, and recenter.

After a long period of confusing the goals of the collective with your own, of being who certain people need you to be at great cost to yourself, you are in a particular portal of spiritual chiropractic work. It’s time to turn certain pain into meaning and share that relief. It’s time to take all the proverbial fishes on the hooks of your life back to the ocean, so that they might be free to swim along their own currents. The more freedom you allow others, the more freedom will return to you. If you want to be unstoppable, return to the practices, ideas, rituals, and beliefs that made you so to begin with.

Suggested spell ingredients: Church bells, chimes, carnelian, sunrises, silk, a map to self-discovery, and a vitality boost


3 of Wands

Your magic is born out of tiny details, turned truly grandiose, that would escape and overwhelm anyone else. Your channeling ability is unparalleled because of the speed at which you change the subtle into the material. Your ability to listen to the green world and translate its messages into food, tinctures, tonics, and poems—to tune in long enough to receive what we all need with your voice, song, pictures, and dance—is even more impressive because you stay so humble. 

It’s when you aren't appreciated, when you are put upon, extracted or stolen from, that your ability wilts. It’s when you think you have to always be “the strong one,” or that your needs are too much, that your expectations make you too rigid to stay connected. Fun fact: no matter what you do, it'll never be enough. And also, no matter what you do, it will always be enough. 

October is asking you to stay low to the ground and close to your desires. It’s asking you to do more of what you want than ever before. It's asking you to make medicine solely for yourself to hold you through your expansion. This month wants you to tune in and use your magical abilities just for you, for a change. When approaching obligations, question how you can enact them so that you might enjoy them. You won’t get to where you are going next by going down the old roads. Rearrange your life so that your vessel is directed toward the sheer delight that is receiving your own magic. 

Suggested spell ingredients: A celebration of earth's magic for your altar, labradorite by your bedside, candlelit dinners for one, letters of forgiveness—to yourself and to those you love—burned under this month’s full moon, and a holistic way to plan your future.


The Empress

Your magic is comprised of expansive vision and acute relatability: you see all sides and often understand people better than they understand themselves. You can see far beyond the present moment into a future filled with justice, harmony, and beauty. Even more impressive, your persuasive ability to get others on board with this clear sight creates more beauty and more bounty for all.

This aspect of your magic, more than others, requires discernment. Trust comes from reality, not potential. When you know how to communicate, and with who, then you don’t feel so exhausted or resentful all the time. Love needs strategy and intention as much as it requires an open heart.

This autumn, the preparation mode you've been in for much of the year now flows into full blooms of material forms. Practice all that you’ve been learning and attempting to integrate all year. Stay sovereign as you put new visions into the world. As you birth new dreams, keep turning back to rebirth yourself (again and again). Birth is often effortful, but it is also natural. Allow what wants to come forth in the way it wishes. Birth takes the support of many, and also requires an inner fortitude that only comes from self-trust on a core level.

As you open your heart and share yourself once more, be clear about what and who is safe to invest in.

Suggested spell ingredientsOcean jasper, fire cider, polyvagal exercises, moon gazing, datura salve on your wrists first thing in the morning, and cues from the Chariot


6 of Wands

Your magic exists most potently in the braid of mystery, stamina, and intuition. Your resilience and stamina are otherworldly because they are channeled from literal other realms. The wisdom of ancient roots, nestled underground. And of course, the realms of the unseen and the unknown, subconscious and beyond all offer up their love letters when you are most embodied. The carefulness and exactitude with which you move are fed by what an expert you are at handling the unknown.

When you are misunderstood, when you don’t have time for your rituals, when you don't have space for deep listening, you collapse. When it's one thing after another, when the ways you need to feel in control aren’t available to you, a despondency grows and the distance between you and your magic feels too wide to ever close.

This October is a time for dramatic energetic calibration. Balance must be found by going to extremes. If you are too far down in the underworld, spend time in the clouds. If you have been flung out to sea, paddle to shore and plant yourself there. If your obsessions have been leading you into negative places, make your obsessions as positive as possible. Health can be found by following the path emerging behind your future self who’s already figured out a few things. Let that guide give you solace about taming your shadows and tapping into the best investments of your energy.

Suggested spell ingredients: Void magic, the word no, divine timing, green moonstone, passionflower tea, Morning Pages and prompts to inspire creativity


4 of Wands

Your magic lights up a crowd and creates movement. Your magic is legendary; healing in action could only ever be iconic. Visionary, fire tender, gentle archer: you roam eons to bring back the most suitable words, images, beats, or plans of action. When your spark is lit by encouragement and your interests piqued, you’re in golden territory. But when you don’t have the space to iterate, or when your thing isn’t understood by those you respect, you feel fenced in and dejected. Sometimes, too much tamping down is a sign that it’s time to find the light within—or go somewhere else entirely.

The next phase you are preparing for requires doing and being what you love, not what you don’t. The next four months are a bit of a sea change for you and this month, you must get serious about preparation.

October is optimal for solidifying your energy into a consistent source of support. You will most easily be able to do this through creativity, consumption, and community. If those 3 pillars are strong and encourage your spark, ideas and strength will follow. You don’t want to be the only one tending to the fire: gather those around you who are eager to help out.

A rising tide lifts all ships. Be around those who are envisioning a more equitable future, and who are also doing something about it. Find your people, be sure all you are consuming nourishes not drain, and make your art. When in doubt, go slow and steady. Each day, recommit to your goals and align your energy with the right action. Healing the world starts with healing yourself.

Suggested spell ingredients: Digital detoxes, selenite, oceanside sunsets, isochronic tone meditations, salt scrubs, and time spent with a favorite spiritual text, or writing your own


5 of Pentacles

Your magic is in world-building: creating original, connective structures that marry philosophy with function. Those worlds can be intimate: with your family, or a specific plot of forest. The worlds can be larger: in systems, institutions, or businesses. What everyone gets wrong about the Capricorn archetype is their ease in capitalistic ambition. That’s not it: Capricorn finds ease in effort when it’s around something that lights up its spirit, values, ethics, and purpose. When you can align the energy of the cosmos with the deep depths is when you shine like no other. The resources, or notoriety that follows you come as a result of your applied conviction and consistent work.

A motivated Capricorn shows the fuck up, again and again. An unmotivated or unhealed Capricorn amasses external wealth but feels hollow; amasses external resources but wonders why they still feel so insecure.

Courageous Cap, it appears as though you are in a situation or two where you aren’t allowed to be yourself or do things the way you need in order to do your best. You might be feeling insecure, exhausted, or lonely. Yes, in a world like this, it’s bound to happen: please don’t blame yourself! But you do need to take a look at what needs to shift. Maybe it’s the way you treat yourself and your body. Maybe, your current motivations need an overhaul, or you are doing certain things out of insecurity or fear. It could be that you are planted in the wrong place, in intuition or structure that no longer aligns with your spirit. Your magic is easiest for you to access when letting your true nature lead, and build around that. This month, tune into your true nature and rebuild around a healthier core.

Suggested spell ingredients: The Cathedral of Nature, warm vetiver and fig leaf, solo dates, love letters to yourself, morning walks, chamomile flowers, star rose quartz, and a balance of spirituality with practicality


King of Swords

Aquarius, your magic is innovation. There is no one else who can create new technologies, frameworks, or products like you. There’s no one else who puts endless love of humanity, the planet, and the solar system through careful study, and by supporting the whole with tangible ideas and inventions, designed to wake people up to what is most important. You support the weirdos, the misfits, the other innovators. Angelic Aquarius, who is supporting you? Are you communicating your needs, even when it feels uncomfortable?

Not everyone is going to “get” your original ideas or understand where you are coming from. Not everyone will feel encouraged by your success, some might be threatened. Find those who truly support you and want to see you shine. You need internal support in order to navigate the external world. Sometimes, this world isn’t always the most visionary: don’t let that hinder your progress. Surround yourself with the many others that are creating new paradigms by living out their unique visions.

One mark of a visionary or mystic is that their life resembles no other. If you haven’t already stepped into your role as a leader, it’s time. Leaders lead, they don’t apologize for their sheen. Innovators don’t wait for permission, they are the permission slips. You didn’t come here to play safe, so stop shrinking yourself down to mediocrity. A new magnum opus awaits. Step up into another cycle of limitless creation and possibilities.

Suggested spell ingredients: A new journal, a new app, a new bio, elderflower tea, fire magic, boundary work, bamboo essence, black tourmaline, and a plan for the cosmic changes to come.


Ace of Wands

Pisces, your magic is not found in explanations, labels, or cut-and-dry definitions. Your magic comes from expression, connection, flow, and authentic transmissions of energy. You set the tone like no other. A quieter kind of leader, one that first must embody and model new paradigms, creations, and ways of being. It’s no wonder you sometimes feel like an alien, thrown overboard on a spaceship on this cruel, beautiful planet. It’s your vast compassion and originality that changes the world, and yes, originality and compassion aren’t always encouraged in the greater culture. Not in the ways that you know they must be practiced: through non-detachment, non-urgency, and non-grasping.

Pisces, your magic becomes a fountain for all when you aren’t pressured, when you aren’t pushed to prove or explain or compete. For a while, you might be succumbing to those influences, either internally or via relationships or workspaces. If you don’t feel like yourself, it’s because that's not you. October is a month of clearing out the BS and realigning with your spark.

Get excited by spending your energy and attention on what you like. What lights you up? Instead of spending hours and precious units of energy resisting or defending or getting sucked into petty games, invest in what makes you, you. Even if it’s weird—especially if it’s weird. Then share, create, and soak up all the vibes that ripple outwards. Make your home a sanctuary and your body a temple. The sooner you step back into your power, the better. Use everything at your fingertips to make a life that is filled to the brim with fireworks and flow.

Suggested spell ingredients: Pelvic floor exercises, pomegranate tea, peach moonstone, red roses by your bedside, citrus-infused oils, and a blueprint for a life lived magically