October 2023 Tarotscopes

October 2023 Tarotscopes

It’s October, which means it’s officially Witch O’Clock! How will you make your magic? How will you deepen your practice?

It’s also Eclipse season — gasp! Just kidding, Eclipses aren’t scary, they are just intense: you know, like you. They aren’t anything you can’t deal with, so don’t let any external hysteria deflate your energetic bubble. This particular pair of Eclipses is interesting because of the blend of the different axis: it closes out the cycle of Taurus/Scorpio Eclipses and continues the cycle of Aries/Libra Eclipses. Reflect on what you’ve learned these past 19 months around consumption, money, abundance, creativity, emotional mastery, comfort, and discomfort, healing with nature or natural healing, physical/sexual healing, or in the astrological houses where Taurus and Scorpio reside in your chart.

The vibe this month might be distinctly “TBD,” or have an in-process, messy feel. As certain chapters close, some answers are unknown: be brave enough to admit when you don’t know. Turn inward, and tend to the vast inner landscapes inside. Your spirit has a lot to say; can you listen? Your inner child has a lot to express; will you let them? Check out the foundations of your psychological make-up, and show any ghosts hanging out there the door. October is a perfect chance to explore your own underworld and find solace in the unlikely treasures uncovered with automatic writing, meditation, and dreams. Keep spells a secret; don’t overshare. People will show you who they are. Can you believe them?

The theme for October is the Current Curriculum.

As we move throughout the various phases and seasons of our lives, we have our own personal curriculum* to learn. This is a course of life study, designed specifically for us, that we experience in order to heal, grow, and self-actualize.

— Excerpt is from the 2023 Many Moons Lunar Planner. To read more and get  exclusive insights, rituals, and spells for Eclipse season, order your digital copy of Many Moons here! Order your copy of the second, benefit-edition of Many Moons from LULU.com.  

This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. Read for whatever sign you feel called to: your Sun, rising, Moon, or a placement that is particularly loud right now.** 

Tarotscopes for Eclipse Season

Page of Cups

Last month, you played with taking on fresher perspectives and saw the benefits.  This month, choose a different way to relate to yourself and to your watery patterns in all their forms. Relationships, intuition, and feelings all take center stage in October. The ways in which you are supported—or hindered—by these aspects of your life will get your attention because they need your attention. If there ever was a month to give yourself more time to cry, write letters you’ll never send, or keep your Tarot cards in your back pocket, it’s this one.

Emotions have levels. Feelings are memories. When we get activated, or when a swell of sensation wells up in our bodies, there is often a more layered phenomenon about time and perspective happening. It’s up to you to discern what sensations are about the present moment, and what is still unprocessed from the past — or even from a languageless, ancient time.

Many of us have a backlog of unprocessed emotions, based on the unmet needs of our childhood. Do not be ashamed: all of us have younger parts that cry out for attention. Relate to your feelings differently and see what happens. Give more space to feel all the feels, more time to tune into your body, and more time to listen to your beating heart. Lay on the earth and let her swallow your grief. Try some form of emotional alchemy you haven’t, and see what happens. Your relationships, intuition, and watery parts will all be better for it.

Suggested spell ingredients: Tears, group board games, flower agate, forgiveness, time spent by the sea, cord-cutting, and a field guide for your next phase of life.


High Priestess

Things have been hard. The shifts you’ve been trying to make are tectonic, and movement has felt microscopic, messy, and confusing. While the external hasn’t changed at the pace you’ve wanted, your internal states certainly have. Affirm how far you’ve come in self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-respect. Highlight how much your intuition has popped up in the day-to-day. Even if you can’t quite act on some of the messages, give them space and awareness. Write them down. Thank them. Let them know you’re almost ready to take action.

This is all part of a larger foundation you’ve paved for years: an internal steadiness. An unflappable self-trust. A steadfast belief in yourself and your abilities. You’re no longer waiting for someone else to give you permission, validation, or do certain things for you. This month, there are certain things you know you must do, regardless of external recognition or a particular outcome.

Now is the time to trust your inner guidance. The more you see, the less you need to say. Say less, and do more. The external cannot determine your internal state any longer. Your most integrated, internal state must determine the external moves you make. Stay steady, turn within, and soon you will see and experience the exciting presence of aligned opportunities. That’s because you’ll be creating them.

Suggested spell ingredients: Black tourmaline for grounding, the 2024 Many Moons Lunar Planner, closed-eye doodles, earthing sessions, daydreaming sessions, and time spent under a Dark Moon.

Page of Swords

You want to know exactly what to do, and you want to know now. If only the crystal ball was filled with instructions, you’d get them tattooed on your eyelids. You’d fill out every last form, go to every class, take any test, and do anything if only it would get you over this current energetic hump. But we all know where those answers really are, where your instruction manual can be found: inside of you.

Sweet Gem, you aren’t supposed to know what you want to know right now. All resistance does is create more tension. This causes more distance from that calm, curious, compassionate inner voice. You are trying to put your hands around something that cannot be held. It can only be noticed, accepted, and used as fertilizer for your next phase.

Clear communication is imperative in October: say what you mean, mean what you say. If this was easy, I wouldn’t be reminding you to do it. Ensure the language you use resonates with your aspirations. Go back and re-read old texts or emails, revisit projects, and see how they might be refined with your current knowledge and maturity. All contracts and large line items need a fine-toothed comb before signing or spending. If you need to negotiate, seek help and stay neutral. Communication, pitches, writing projects, speaking gigs, podcasts, and other language-centered efforts are especially highlighted for you. Speak your mind, but most importantly, speak from your heart. 

Suggested spell ingredients: Thesauruses, Morning Pages, selenite for clarity, chamomile tea, the 2024 Many Moons Lunar Planner, and daily hums.

Knight of Pentacles

For much of this year, you have experienced one realization after another. Namely, you’ve recognized larger patterns and how they might intersect with ancestry. Ancestry in a vast sense: bloodlines as well as chosen family. Artists, poets, activists, and truth tellers you admire and feel kinship with. You’ve awakened to certain contexts you exist inside and outside of. You’ve realized where you hold power and where you don’t. Where you’ve been short-sighted and self-sabotaged, and where you’ve truly been misunderstood and betrayed. You’re noticing how you can release certain legacies while choosing which ones to honor.

With all these realizations comes a greater sense of responsibility. It’s time to show up for exciting vistas to climb, as well as certain tasks you’ve avoided. There’s also the theme of response-ability: different spectrums of options and strategies beckon now. Shut-down mode, despair, and defensiveness simply are not options.

There’s one more aspect of responsibility to sift through in October. That is the theme of right-sized responsibility: figure out what is yours, and what isn’t. What do you no longer have the capacity for? Where must you stretch? Ask yourself these questions to become more rooted. Rooted in your routines, rituals, finances, relationships, and motivations. Rooted in where you are going—not measured in societally-acceptable milestones, or on white-knuckled control tactics—and in something much more sustainable. Something both vast and intimate, something to dream about and wake up excited about.

There’s no reason you can’t reinvent yourself, pick up an old dream, recenter around different archetypes, and move forward in a different way. The minutes become moments, and this is yours.

Suggested spell ingredients: Petrified wood, a budget for your money, your time, and your energy, courage, carnelian, the 2024 Many Moons Lunar Planner, and commitment.


3 of Swords

Forgiveness can be a fraught business. Much of what is written about forgiveness makes it sound like a Disney movie, full of happily ever afters and reunions. But what if the person you have to forgive is gone? What if they never apologize, or even understand that they did something that ripped you wide open? What if the person that needs the most forgiveness is you?

Forgiveness isn’t always about another person or a final resolution. Sometimes it’s about being okay with yourself even if you can’t bring yourself to forgive another. It’s about giving yourself the grace, space, hope, and renewal that you need, bit by bit. It’s about acceptance, grief, and the relief that comes with a loosened grip. October will be made easier once you forgive yourself, whatever that means or looks like.

Forgiveness is giving up all hope of a better past. It’s recognizing that while choosing different energies, stories, identities, and actions every day might feel hard, it’s truly the only way forward. In particularly challenging situations, forgiveness is equal parts being able to stay open in the turmoil of ambivalence, as well as figuring out how to resolve something with no easy conclusion. It’s about opening up to more life, more love, and more trust.

Suggested spell ingredients: Star rose quartz, open windows, videos and pictures of dolphin pods, black candles, clove oil in the bath or before bed, and the 2024 Many Moons Lunar Planner.


4 of Swords

You want to look up, but it’s hard when so many moving parts consume you. You want to look away—from regret, disappointment, or what has gone off the rails—and that’s even harder. What October requires more than anything is clarity of the mind.

It has been busy: you have done a lot of work this year. You’ve torn down and rebuilt. You’ve changed and rearranged. You might not have had the energy to zoom out, to look at the bigger picture. You might not have felt safe enough to look away or look up. Now is that time.

When you ask, dear Virgo, you receive. Every time. But that doesn’t matter if you can’t fully accept what is being offered. If there is too much chaos or too many distractions, an answered prayer won’t feel like one. The clearer your space and energy remain, the more the messages can come in. The more the messages can help you, the more you deepen into trust. Make time to clean and clear. Take the time to rest and relax. If prayer is in your practice, pray and give thanks. If it feels more natural to write a letter asking for guidance from a future self, then do that. Ask yourself important questions and make the time to answer them. Ask, receive, and accept.

Suggested spell ingredients: New languages, clouds, peach moonstone, a morning and evening breathwork routine, and a cord cutting ceremony for peace.


Queen of Pentacles

Happy Birthday, lovely Libra! This is the second month in a row that you’ve received the Queen of Pentacles. (Catch up on last month’s Tarotscopes here.) 

Whenever we get an archetype that repeats, it’s an invitation to deepen into its messages. The Queen of Pentacles often highlights how we relate to all earthly matters. Everything from what we own, to what owns us, to how we create support systems, to how we pleasure and nurture our bodies are continuing to come up for you this autumn. Spend time with the shadows and fears you have around trusting your body, the material world, or creating sustainable systems of support. Have you been working harder, or smarter? If there have been repeating intuitive messages around your health, your environment, or certain larger, life projects, make that appointment, buy those black-out blinds, and write down your action plan. 

The continued energy of this archetype also wants to affirm and support all the ways you’ve grown around earthly matters. In many ways, you’ve created a map where there was none. You’ve continued to move forward in times of uncertainty, and have created a great many somethings out of nothings. Even when support might appear scarce, it’s there. In the invisible, the unexpected, in all the ways that things have worked out thus far. For more enthusiasm and energy, lean into trust.

Suggested spell ingredients: Protection Power Magic Oil, cleansing rituals and ceremonies, clay, hot stone treatments, and the color green.


4 of Cups

You are in a gestation moment, an in-between space. There are parts of you that are uncertain and confused, so hesitation has taken over. There are other parts of you that understand that in order for momentum to build, you’ve got to begin doing something, somewhere. Please, take a step forward, even if that looks like cleaning up a mess or two from the past. 

The 4 of Cups can refer to emotional equilibrium: when you befriend your emotions, they don’t rule your worst days or your best ones. If there’s any backlog of emotions, any triggers you know you must attend to, then Eclipse season will absolutely place you in situations where you’ll get to resolve them. Triggers are timeline jumps: they take you back in time to any unresolved emotional terrain and force you to reconcile any rifts within. 

October will highlight any past yearning. Productive yearning is when you take longing, wistfulness, and frustration, and use them as guides to take different actions. Take productive yearnings for community, relationships, and emotional alchemy, and apply them in action. Share about what you’d most like, and what you need, absolutely. Straddle the void and the every day to heal and move forward.

Suggested spell ingredients: Binaural beats, book clubs (or another social club), constant positive cravings, chamomile, the 2024 Many Moons Lunar Planner, and amethyst for calm and healing.


The Hermit

October is not the time to freak out. When you freak out, all good, viable options scatter to the wind like ashes. When you panic, the race toward control erases all of the different possibilities and paths that lead to more freedom. Freaking out and panicking creates lies out of truth, and pumps reality full of illusion. Freaking out also can turn up as impulsivity, bottling everything inside, and not opening mail.

October is not for making rash decisions. Rash decisions are choices that you make from being dysregulated or unconscious. October is Eclipse season, and Eclipse season collapses timelines. It brings back memories, people, and coping mechanisms from the past. There can be a pull toward self-abandonment, urges to stay on a path simply because you’ve been on it for a while. Be mindful of what feels good simply because it’s familiar, and where it’s time to venture out into new territory.

The energy of the Hermit wants you to stay slow and steady — it wants you to ask as many questions as you need before deciding. Simplicity will be your best friend this month. Keep interactions at face value. Don’t over-explain, overwork, or overspend. Take the time and space you need, but don’t isolate. You still need people, places, things, and animals as much as they need you.

Suggested spell ingredients: Bird migration patterns, mood lighting, a new pair of perfect underwear, labradorite, and pine needles.



The Sun, Reversed

Compassionate Capricorn, people easily forget that you’ve been through some incredibly trying times. Your outward appearance of courage, dependability, and wisdom belies what you’ve had to overcome to earn these traits. This Eclipse season begins in your house of career and vocation and ends in your house of pleasure, creativity, and children, or, the inner child. This month, there could be tension between work and pleasure, fun and obligation, your soft animal body, and the way the world perceives you.

If you can’t enjoy your life now, then when? This isn’t about negating the hard times: the grief, confusion, and unrest you’ve experienced are absolutely real and completely valid. This is about showing yourself a tremendous amount of compassion by redirecting your focus. You have the range and the capacity to proactively bring forth your shine.

When a Tarot card is reversed, it is a sign to take the outward expression of the energy inward. Shine a light on all you have been overlooking, all the gifts that still call to you in the worlds of work and the greater ambitions your life holds, as well as your dreams for a new world. It’s ok to be grateful for all you have, and want more. It’s ok to actively grieve, and still try your best to summon joy.

Suggested spell ingredients: Orange candles, green opal, out-of-office responders, deep thoughts, the 2024 Many Moons Lunar Planner, and gentle feeling dreams.

3 of Wands

This Eclipse season isn’t about burning everything down. It’s about incorporating more of what you love into your everyday world. Take risks, find aligned collaborations, and focus on where your creativity and curiosity flourish. It’s as much about the energy you are bringing to your entire life—stressful, boring, or tedious aspects included—as it is about where you could end up.

Whatever creative habit or new hobby you’ve focused on lately is helping to feed the rest of your life. If you haven’t picked up a new hobby, creative pastime, or positive obsession, then this is the month to do so. Whatever has been consuming most of your attention and worries needs some space to breathe. While it may seem immature or irresponsible to spend time on pleasure or an interesting pastime, what it could unlock could be priceless.

What got you here won’t get you to new levels. You can get overly consumed by over-analysis, doubt, and preciousness. Prioritize fun. Make peace with “done” being better than “perfect.” Mix sh*t up! It’s time to move forward in a different fashion or style. By applying your knowledge to new ventures, systems, or skill sets, you’ll open roads you didn’t even know were there.

Suggested spell ingredients: A fear-clearing spell, Rise Magic Oil, a new technique or skill, vulnerability, and a message from your favorite star in the night sky.


7 of Swords

Your success is not guaranteed. But neither is your failure. Can you begin to trust that things will work out? It might take hard work, goodbyes, and creating new pathways: neural pathways and literal steps forward. This Eclipse season—which takes place in your houses of everyday routine and communication, as well as what you are owed and spiritual contracts—resonates with the energy of your card of the month, the 7 of Swords.

October highlights what you must take back before the year is over. Is it your time? Your resolve? Your spark? Or perhaps it’s more fun — it doesn’t have to get too deep, but for you, this month, everything might be in the depths. Maybe the awareness, focus, and discipline the Universe is asking you to step into will seep into your cells and help you turn that metaphorical corner. How you communicate with yourself through this process matters: it is an integral part of how you will treat yourself, and it will enhance your mental health.

Let bygones be bygones, particularly the ones that have tormented you most. If there are tense situations around you, try to remember that most people’s behavior isn’t about you—and everyone is doing the best they can—as disappointing as that might be. Accept this and move on. To drive towards new horizons, stay in your lane.

Suggested spell ingredients: Patience, ocean jasper, a cord cutting ceremony, a wishlist for Future You, and the 2024 Many Moons Lunar Planner.

*The concept of a life curriculum was presented and taught to me by Russell Brown of Poke Acupuncture. Thank you, friend. 

**Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting.
Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

These Tarotscopes are not intended as an alternative to medical or psychiatric health services and should not be interpreted or used as such.

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