September 2023 Tarotscopes

September 2023 Tarotscopes
September 2023 Tarotscopes by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener. Resources. Butterfly in garden against a green and yellow background.


The theme for September is Resources.
Redefine what resource means to you now.
Use what you have.
Parse out what is a need and what is a want.

We get fooled into thinking our wants are needs, and our needs don’t matter. Recalibrate the spaces in your life where you feel scarce and where you feel abundant. Recalibrate your energetic and emotional fields so that you can feel more resourced in your body.

I love the word resource because it has source in it: we have to source from ourselves, energetically. Once we are relatively resourced, the next step is helping others. You have resources to share that aren’t money. Resources are knowledge, capacity, materials, strategies, philosophies, and networks.  The planet needs help. Acknowledge all the subtle and unorthodox ways your actions support repairing and resourcing the earth. Knowing what you have, and what you need will be important in the days to come.

Looking at life from a place of lack, you’ll never think you are enough. But you made it this far. You did it. You were more than enough, this whole time. Your resources are what you learned from your many glorious failures. Your failures are also your resources, because without failure, there is no success. You already have what you need. You already know what to do.

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This month's Tarotscopes were channeled and written by meditating on each archetype and pulling a Tarot card for them. Read for whatever sign you feel called to: your Sun, rising, Moon, or a placement that is particularly loud right now.*

Here are some overall suggestions for everyone, this September: Take your own advice. Say less, do more. Organize and refine. Continue to get it together, whatever that means to you. Restart, or deepen, a spiritual practice. There are 4 months left in the year: more than enough time to create and transform, so long as you stay focused, confident, and committed.


Page of Swords

We’re often taught that extreme emotions are the litmus test of our intuition. We’re trained to pay more attention to louder feelings. But sometimes, anger is simply an old tantrum to be let out. Sometimes, passion is unchecked greed. We’re oversold overstimulation as a substitute for presence.

This month, more subtle sensations wish to take your hand and guide you forward. The quiet awe that accompanies a technicolor sunset. Ending a day with quiet contentment that comes from doing the best you can. Bring language to the smaller waves of insights that often can clue you into larger crashes before they happen.

Is it boredom, or peace? Is it stagnancy, or stability? These are all questions you must answer, for you’ve been mulling over them for a while. Certain problems aren’t meant to be solved. Other problems can be dealt with through curiosity: pay attention to the subtleties under the surface. This requires solitude, space, and a calm mind.

Suggested spell ingredients: Midnight meditations, spice coffee cake shared with friends, Rise Oil for sore shoulders, symbolic words, and Clear Channels for new visions.


10 of Swords

Certain chapters are closing, and wow, it is uncomfortable. You’ve seen how you can be your biggest enemy, and you no longer believe every thought in your head, even though they still fly in like a murder of crows. It’s no wonder that this process is painful: as more insights come, more shame leaves. And shame leaving the body is intense. If waking up felt good, everyone would do it.
Discomfort is a sign of growth.

For all the Taureans who are deep in it, understand that this month is a turning point. A contract might come through, another stage could be revealed, and support could come from an unlikely place. It might not look like the closure you may have wanted, but it is closure nonetheless. Revisit your Tarotscope from last month: chances are, if you apply the exercises, you’ll get more insights.

Acknowledge where you’re ready to play different roles. See your situation from another perspective: a kinder one. Then, take action! Do something different, anything. Every step will give you more information.

Suggested spell ingredients: Rosehip tonic, selenite palm stones, holding hands, writing down nice things to remember to say to people, Clear Channels, and river therapy.


8 of Swords

You are more than equipped to become the person of your dreams. You are more than able to figure things out, learn the tools, and take strategic action on some boring, but necessary, tasks that are long overdue. It’s time to go beyond the familiar. It’s time to mature, even more.

When we let go of old patterns, new shapes emerge, as suddenly as if they have always been there. Whatever has been feeling cumbersome, stagnant, or heavy: say goodbye to it this month. Dig into certain quandaries. Why do you put distance between yourself and what you want? Why are you often shy about certain skillsets or knowledge that you have, when sharing those would open doors for you? Why do you refuse to take certain medicines, or stick to certain protocols, when you know they might work? For someone who isn't easily manipulated by others, you sure can fool yourself.

Ultimately, all these questions are meant to liberate you. They are meant to illuminate how you self-sabotage or cut yourself off from certain opportunities. They are meant to remind you that you are more than your fear, and your fears are often invisible, or disguised as rules, “boundaries,” or defensiveness. Go beyond them and open doors. Go beyond them to see how far you can go.

Suggested spell ingredients: Clear Channels, burning mugwort or cedar at sunset every night from the New to Full Moon this month, writing down an ode to your good choices each day, and balancing your inner Air with some Earth: ground, get practical, move your body, and eat more greens. 


6 of Cups, Reversed

It's ok to grieve, feel lonely, or be disappointed. However, do not confuse a low spell with forever. Do not feel so sorry for yourself that you start identifying as a total victim of life. Do not confuse a series of flops, or many false starts, with a permanent record. You will never run out of opportunities, fresh starts, better days, friends, ideas, compassion, or hope.

Nostalgia is a tricky emotion because it is often in search of a past that didn’t exist. Nostalgia tries to recreate memories, not understanding that they never existed in the first place. that can’t ever exist again. You can’t go back to that idyllic beach moment because it won't ever be the same. You can’t ever completely revisit your childhood years, because you'll never be that innocent again. This month, don’t get sucked into tidal waves of emotion, and don't view certain people or situations with rose-colored glasses when they don’t deserve them. You can't go back.

What you can do is decide to cultivate emotional fortitude as you build new worlds. What you can do is take responsibility for the impact your big emotions have on those around you, and decide to channel them in constructive ways. What you can do is give yourself the childhood you’ve always wanted, in small and large ways. What you can do is understand that each day is an opportunity to create new memories, not grasp for a past that you never got.

Suggested spell ingredients: A new audience, daily lists of what is yours and what is theirs, solo dates, black tourmaline to protect your precious energy, tree hugs, and reminders throughout your home that all you have is more than enough.


Ace of Wands

Darling Leo, this year, so far, has been… real. It makes sense that you’ve needed some time to rewire and relight after all of the upheaval. There are silver linings: you’ve been sure to look after yourself in different ways, and so your self-care has brought healing, and that healing has brought confidence. All of this tending has resulted in a more solid foundation of trust. This is all helping you receive lightning flashes of energy, psychic hits, and inspiration. For all you single Leo’s looking for love, please put yourself out there. Date. Tell your friends. Take a risk and approach someone in person. This is the month to signal to your heart that it's time to open up, even more.

Opportunities abound. They flow in regularly, like tiny drops of golden rain. Use the last month of summer to prepare yourself for more gifts. There will be bursts of inspiration in the shower and interesting revelations on morning walks. These sparks will feel potent but they are invisible. It is up to you to follow through and bring them into form. Your intuition grows quieter when it is not put into action.

To paraphrase Toni Morrison: in times of grief, those of us with the purest, truest hearts do not despair. They get to work — that’s what artists do. And you are the artist of your own life.

Suggested spell ingredients: Peach moonstone, self-compassion, EFT tapping, clover and rue by your bedside, boundaries with your inner critic, Clear Channels, and time spent under the Sun’s dimming rays.



Healing is an internal process with external results. It can feel hard to continue with a process that can feel so never-ending, but you more than most understand the benefits of doing the harder kinds of work.

You must feel it to heal it. And the art of feeling is its own art form: letting go of emotions means letting them out in their entirety, as sensations, not stories. It also means becoming a sturdy compassionate witness for yourself, to assure your younger parts that they are now safe. As particular wounds heal, there will be marked differences in how you navigate the world, and how the world responds in turn.

September is all about alchemy. Turn rest into solace, turn your pain into art, turn your rage into change, and turn your ideas into actions. There will be some trial-by-fire moments this month, but part of being committed to healing is alchemizing everything life gives you as fuel for growth.

Suggested spell ingredients: Clear Channels, scissors and fire, extra-long pillow punching sessions, Protection Power Candles for energetic support, and chamomile tea.


Queen of Pentacles

This month, the magic is in the mundane. The practical, everyday tasks, routines, and rituals that end up creating a whole entire life are up for review. Your finest hours will be spent among the tangible elements of the world, and sharing those gifts with loved ones. You can’t spell “hearth” without “earth.” If you haven’t had the chance to be in nature, make herbal infusions, or figure out a movement or exercise routine that feels good, it’s time to do so.

All throughout September, gather those who matter close and nurture them in the way that only you can. Make things, tend to your physical body, tend to your house and home, eat well, and thank the land you live on by caring for it. Create an ancestor altar, or find other ways to be connected to your roots. The routines, rituals, and habits you do every day will offer you support through the peaks and valleys of this autumn.

Embrace the joy of being embodied. When you are consistent with your care, you are more in your body. That is when you are most yourself and are most able to share your light, your warmth, and uniquely nourishing ways. Don’t neglect all the simple, ordinary things that help you thrive.

Suggested spell ingredients: Dinner parties at home, extended time spent in Shavasana, the smell of wet soil, the Moon Kissed Earth Candle, wildflower bouquets, and Clear Channels.


The Star

What would change if you came to relationships with wholeness, instead of using other people to heal your wounds? What if instead of interacting with your expectations or projections of others, you got to know them for who they are… deeply, consciously, truly? What if your role as a lover was to remain in the energies of awe, and wonder, and gratitude? What if you gave people space to grow, and made as little assumptions as possible?

Now, what if you did that, for yourself?

What if none of us was the main character? What if we are all miraculous stars in a holy constellation, creating light together in the inky vastness of a benevolent unknown? This month, embrace your needs and look out for yourself as you look out for others. If you’ve been giving from an empty cup, replenish. If you’ve been “the strong one,” but feel resentful, admit it. Ask for help. Accept your humanity with humility and the humanness of your loved ones, too.

September is a month to trust. It’s a month to hope. It’s a month to fall back in love with all of the parts of you: soul and spirit first. It's a month to experiment with more freedom through trust, love, and understanding.

Suggested spell ingredients: Labradorite palm stones by your bedside, sonnets and elegies, honesty, giving back anyway you can, and a weekend workshop to find your voice.


2 of Pentacles

This month, keep it simple. Anything complicated like plans, pitches, and processes that do not absolutely need to be entered into right now can wait. The minute you start to add more to your plate, pause. Focus on what you need to do most. Don’t forget, actions around your biggest dreams count here! Wrap up anything that has been left over from this intense summer.

This is also an excellent time to create a daily spiritual practice, switch up your daily routine, or carve out some time where you check in with yourself and the all-over energy. Make a “life” to-do list, then each day, or every few days, check one item off your list. Make calibration conscious and easy.

Keep it simple: communications, processes, and spells. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Don’t tell someone something you don’t mean. Keep it a strong “yes”, “no”, or “will return to this at a later date.” Speak less, and when you do speak, be mindful of what words are coming out of your mouth, and how they are contributing to the betterment of all: or not. Above all else, be honest.

Suggested spell ingredients: Daily affirmations that remind you of what you need, hard and soft heart-to-hearts, ocean jasper, shadow work, and Clear Channels.


9 of Cups

Do you remember the last period of time when you felt good, or even great? What were you doing? What had come together for you? There’s a certain wisdom from a past self that can help you out in your quest for self-fulfillment. Your happiest moments might have come through a challenge, a risk, or through new connections. Maybe they came from a specific combination of preparation, new studies, and environment. September is about setting yourself up for success, so whether it’s sharpening your pencils or leaving room in your schedule for spontaneity, figure out what you need in order to blossom.

So much of life is about repeating the same cycles and patterns, and overcoming them, or living through them with more presence. So much of life is using heartbreak as compost, and revelations as support for others. Yes, you are a lighthouse. Part of your role is using your experience, and sharing your heart freely, in order to serve the collective. And some months, like this one, are about restoring yourself to as much vitality as possible.

Suggested spell ingredients: Rest, rest, and more rest. Free writing sessions, visualizations and meditations of your sacred garden, bergamot oil on your wrists, a talisman to honor your subconscious desires, and Clear Channels.



This month, go on an elimination diet. Eliminate unnecessary worries and complaints. Eliminate the need to over-explain, overwork, or over-commit. Do not overdo yourself work-wise, emotionally, or energetically. Learn what stopping before you are exhausted feels like.

Justice is your Tarot card this month: topics of adjustment and accountability will build and reach a crescendo by the equinox. Adjustment encounters reality and responds in kind. The first stage of an adjustment process is noticing what is *really* going on: not the version that conveniently protects you, not the version where you are completely innocent, and not the version where it’s all your fault and you feel like a terrible person.

When we notice discomfort arises, our own accountability must be grappled with. When faced with the truth, when being upfront about action or lack of action, we can create a divine path that will lead us somewhere with more breathing room. What part of your life needs more courage, in order for you to encounter it with more clarity?

Accountability means bringing values and morals into alignment with your actions. It means energy conservation on every level. Instead of living like there is no tomorrow, live like there is one. Live like what you do now will bear more results than you could ever imagine.

Suggested spell ingredients: Forest bathing, goodbye letters to patterns—and people—that no longer serve, Clear Channels, equinox feasts and dedications, and amethyst.


5 of Cups

Today, as I write this, it’s a beautiful day. The Moon is full in your sign, the houseplants stretch towards the Sun, the incense smells wonderful, and everything feels as though it is right where it needs to be. I’m looking forward to doing some witchcraft later, opening up new portals, and simultaneously becoming more powerful and soft through the vulnerability of exploring my desires. I can tap into otherworldliness, the mundane, self-care, and collective service at the same time.

I’m sharing this with you, gentle Pisces, because September is a month to gather similar moments. Create the best conditions for you to feel like you are right where you are meant to be. Through experience, affirm you are the perfect person for the quests and projects you are more than qualified to take on.

Bitterness and resentment steeped inside the body for too long will poison hope and possibility. Let the bitter go by using it for medicinal purposes: release all burdens that aren't yours. Both fantasy and practicality taken to the extreme will become blocks. Spend equal time in reflection and action, and you’ll be golden.

Suggested spell ingredients: Star rose quartz for softness, a fresh journal for symbols, signs, and signals received, time spent in stillness, saltwater baths in the dark, and Clear Channels.


*Please note: If you don’t know if you are allergic to a specific herb or plant, use caution or consult with your herbalist or doctor before ingesting.
Never leave a lit candle or flame of any kind unattended.

These Tarotscopes are not intended as an alternative to medical or psychiatric health services and should not be interpreted or used as such.

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